New community project: now seeking unit submissions!

For the past two weeks, we’ve been in the planning stages for a new community project: a forum hack like the old Tactics Universe days, with an emphasis on a lot of new tech that’s been released since, such as AoE magic, dismount, three-way promotions, and several more innovations.

Mirroring the radically-changed state of what was original FE8, the game’s story takes place in a world that has suddenly changed overnight, resulting in formerly familiar landscapes rendered alien, some naions collapsing and others rising, and people and animals turning into mutants and beasts.

The project (originally Project 22, working title “Starfall”) is set to be developed over the next two months, releasing in April. We’re currently looking for more unit submissions to help fill the roster of playable units while we’re still early in planning/development. We’d also welcome any additional help with the chapter production process!

Note that we plan on giving preference to submissions by those who help directly with the project’s development; if you wish to see your character in the game, the best way to guarantee a spot is to read the documents linked below, and to join us in the FEU discord and sign up to help create chapters for the hack.

You can find the submission form here.

PLEASE NOTE: We may not use every idea or submission. It is critical you read the plot document to get an understanding of the world and story so you can make an informed submission.

You can view plot and lore details here.

(NOTE: the language part at the end of the plot/lore document is not required reading and the optimal way of experiencing it for most people will be to scroll past the linguistics stuff and read only the flavour paragraphs. We don’t have to 100% adhere to these sounds and words; they’re only food for inspiration.)

You can view the class setup here.

Note: We may not use every idea or submission. Priority is given to direct contributors and ideas that best fit with the needs of the gameplay/story.

Thank you in advance for your submissions, and we hope you’ll join us to help see the project to fruition. If not, you can look forward to playing the project yourself come April!

Most of this post was brought to you by @Xilirite, but I’d like to add an extra note: I, as well as the various development heads (mostly Xil and @Mystic), have final creative control on everything that ends up in the game. Esthetics, writing, gameplay, everything. I will not accept a scenario where someone submits something and then retracts permission to use it. This especially applies for post-1.0 development as I intend to go back and polish everything, because while my first priority will be making the deadline, making a polished game is important to me.

By the way: want to contribute something other than units? Sprites, maps, music, a chapter? Join the FEU Discord server and head over to the #community_project channel to catch up on where the various aspects of the project are and find out how you can help!


Big hype!!!

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This is going to be amazing.
The Last Promise 2 is real.

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If all goes according to our plans, it’ll be much better – a show of how much the hacking scene has come in the last decade ^.^


It’s been fun being chief spreadsheet officer so far - looking forward to the build.

Thanks all for sharing your ideas and submissions.

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This project has distracted me from my own project. Its been fun! Very hype!


yeeeeeee boi this is going to be epic

@CookieMaster can you handle the hype?


Very nice to see another cooperative works of the Community ! It’s sounds very promising :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Why did you choose to have Fire/Wind/Thunder over Anima/Light/Dark?

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Love the setting Idea, will submit a character.

I don’t know if can… I might just… Explode!

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There was discussion about light and dark magic not super making much sense and various discussions about what to replace them with, and eventually somebody suggested just making the anima triangle the only magic triangle and it stuck.

While reading the lore this afternoon, I had a little question : how will starborn works ingame? Does being starborn give them special mechanics/classes, or will it be mostly visual things (like portraits)?

At the moment, Starborn are planned to operate both as normal units and as Laguz with the tellius gauge system. You can be a Starborn and just be a regular unit with a fancy portrait; it’s undecided if this would have any gameplay impact at all.


I see, can’t wait to see how laguz-like units would render on GBA, thanks for the answer !

If we’re getting Laguz classes can you give us more info on them? So if we want to make a beast unit we have an idea of how each of them is designed to work. Like, at least stats-wise.

In their current form, the Laguz characters (Starborn, as they’re referred to in this project) will function in one of three ways.

The first and most simple is that they will be a normal class, but with a personal skill that denotes them as being Starborn – this may have gameplay ramifications, but we currently have no plans on using anything like Starborn effective weaponry or the like. These characters will function otherwise as normal. I’m going to bring this up to the team to see if there’s any ideas or plans on how to make this trait function, as it’s a discussion we’ve skirted around a couple times to discuss more pressing issues, and if I get an answer that’s more comprehensive than this, I’ll edit it in.

The second is that the unit will have a normal unit class alongside a gauge that functions as it does in Tellius (numbers pending, we may tweak the speed that it empties and fills once we’ve seen it in action). When transformed, depending on what that unit transforms into, it will receive any of a variety of benefits – one proposed unit, for example, is a Sage with an unusually high strength stat, whose transformed form can utilize alongside the transformed stat bonuses to take the role of a powerful front line tank, while having the option at any time to untransform and regain access to the Sage’s magical chip / healing utility.

The third, and far rarer (perhaps only one or two units in the entire game?) option is a permanently transformed Starborn, who has no “normal” class. These would probably function closer to a manakete-type unit than anything. This is currently reserved for specific plot-important characters.

In a less concrete capacity, we’ve thrown around a lot of ideas for ways that being Starborn, even without a transformation, could open up new avenues for gameplay; a mounted unit whose dismounted form can fly was one we were quite fond of, for instance. It is, however, admittedly the part of our sandbox that is currently the most open for interpretation. If you have suggestions or ideas on how to make the system function, you should hop into the discord and help iron that stuff out ^.^

As for the numbers, these things are always iterative. You can’t plan yourself into a well-reasoned sandbox, so we only have the foundation set up: We know the general range of how high we want base stats to be, how high we want growths to be, how we want promo bonuses to work, how weapon stats should stack up to each other, but we can’t guarantee that any of that will stay set in stone.

The unit submission sheet doesn’t ask that you submit any hard numbers, only an idea of how the unit should look stats wise – “Very high strength and HP, low speed, horrible defense and resist, okay skill and luck” for instance gives us a good idea of where you want the unit to be tuned to, but without asking you to become intimately familiar with the gameplay sandbox such that you give numbers that are actually useful and likely to remain intact.

For your question specifically, I would just recommend that you explain how you think the unit should function – if you want their transformation to give them a lot of speed but you’re not sure if that’s something that’s supported, you can just tell us this and we can, if the unit makes it in 100% intact, implement them with that speed boost, or with some other solution to keep that part of their identity intact.


This project looks like it’s going to be great

are you still accepting submissions?

If you guys still need some aid…well, I was reccomended to seek you out. Granted, I haven’t been part of ‘the community’ for very long, and my main talents are coming up with characters(and having a decent idea what they look like for the spriters!) and writing dialogue with which to flesh everything out, but I’m still keen to lend a hand on miscellaneous writing too, if you’ll have me.