New classes in FE8

So, i’m hacking FE8 and was curious if you can add new classes to the class roster. so, is it possible? if so, how?

Update on my hack: doing a few things, added a few new characters that will surely help greatly, more to come with new classes.

update 2: I need some help with doing a palette for one on the new characters. if anyone wants to help, i’ll send you the ups patch and you can take it from there. credit for the palette remake will be credited.


No. Not recommended, unless someone can confirm that it’s safe to do now. Feel free to reuse spaces that you don’t plan on using, though.

The thing is, i don’t plan to change the entire game, just add two characters and classes.

For characters, you can replace any character named “Enemy” (except the last one). So, a blank space that comes shortly after Tana appears. For classes, replace the unused female mercenary and the unused child Zephiel carryover from FE7.

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It is safe to expand the class list if you are using skillsystems (with EMS of course). Otherwise, it is not.

Perhaps just replace some civilian classes that are used in a cutscene or two

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That’s a really good idea, thank you.

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So, if i’m reading it correctly, anything titled “enemy” like “2D enemy” can be replaced EXCEPT for “FD enemy” is that right?

Any spot named Enemy is free picking since they’re unused. 2D is perfectly viable. The only thing of note is that playable units have to come earlier than a certain generous point, but I can’t remember what it is at the moment. I do know it’s higher than 40, though. Otherwise, the unit won’t be saved after recruited or something similar.

The only reason FD cannot be used is because that’s the space designated for the arena opponent.

Class expansion is safe if you have EX Modular Save and Skill Systems, if not you’re screwed.

Playable units can go up to 0x32 i think? dont actually remember

The enemy spots are all unused but don’t use FD to FF