"Neutral Units"

[1:02:24 PM] Robert House: I’m gonna make neutral units
[1:02:36 PM] Robert House: they don’t fight anyone
[1:24:40 PM] Princess Juicy Lucy: what do they do then? just standing there?
[1:24:51 PM] Robert House: units 4 hire
[1:24:57 PM] Princess Juicy Lucy: ooh
[1:25:05 PM] Robert House: and thieves/brigands
[1:25:13 PM] Princess Juicy Lucy: right

Basically I’m planning on making these guys entirely neutral ie they don’t attack and can’t be attacked. They are meant to be mercenaries, you pay X gold and they become friendlies or neutrals for blocking areas or brigands and thieves that pilage “against the chaos” ala FE4. I was alternatively thinking about making them the complete opposite; ie they attack everyone not just allies or enemies. Let me know what you think. Palette by @Feaw


the concept of a for hire mercenary looks good but they should be recruitable by the enemy too

I never said they weren’t

oh yes

Ghast already did the “attack everything and anything”, so I guess you should try the other one, which sounds even more interesting…I wish you good luck.

To be precise, Brendor did that for Ghast.

Yeah I was gonna say…thanks for the save there. What I could also do is make them behave like fe9 yellow units that are computer controlled but whose actions can be influenced by the player and just take Ghasts approach and make units who attack anyone or no one; regular green npcs with special AI

You should make two seperate neutral units! One that attacks both sides AND one that can be hired (but if you can only make one, I think one that attacks both would be better)!