Neimi Mug Request

The avatar I have is kinda old. I like Neimi because from her is where I got the idea for my user name by combining it with that of the soccer star player Neymar. I want to request a new Neimi mug, but she has to look bad-ass.

If anyone is willing to handle this task, here is some info for it.

Hair should be black. It can be changed from her short style to another one or just leave as is, I don’t care much about that, but Neimi’s face should remain. The outfit can be changed to a much cooler one, and I prefer dark colors, such as black and gray. I wouldn’t mind if she has like a spiked shoulder pad and or full armor. Thanks in advance to anyone who tries it. I am not that good at splicing, thus I cannot make this myself. I tried but failed.


I’ll whip somethin’ up for ya

Thanks. Good luck with it.

There is one wherever she has white hair, different colored eyes, a headband and black armor. It’s a lot more interesting. I think it was more recently put back up under Levin’s sprites but it’s been floating around. A mug contest maybe?

I saw it. They are not free to use, however.

Technically, you can do whatever you want to do in your privacy and free time just don’t publish it or claim it. As you will though.

I wonder if it’s okay to steal something…

and obviously you don’t want people to know that you’ve been stealing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

seriously, don’t even think about doing that.

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Right, Aramais? Ha ha, jk. No, I don’t like the idea of using something that’s not mine. Not without permission, that is. I can wait and see what felixargayle comes up with. I can always give it a another go, but I thought someone would do a better job than me, and faster.

It’s not really theft. It’s unsolicited advertising. Both ways. It’s the highest form of admiration and appreciation. Besides, I needn’t a lecture. I’m quite aware, I’ve been around a long time. On and off from the beginning, or close to it. You know how many hacks I haven’t been able to release due to these rules? I’m sorry your infinitely replicable series of lines get used to make other things when you’re not lording over every copy of it in circulation. My deepest apologies. If you weren’t so good, at times, I’d be more blunt and heavy handed about this.


Cringe, sounds like someone needs to go outside.


I’m quite restrained, I even complimented them? Besides, where is the lie? I don’t necessarily think I’m in the wrong here. If I was rifling through his private collection or life’s work then maybe. I’m just saying how it is.

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That work, and many others, are rip off of someone else’s work. cough cough I can see the Fire Emblem creator. creates a games with mostly young characters and decent vocab and political dynamics to inspre and teach the youth They finally grow up “… And now a small group of nerds are putting down my fans because they can make an arrangement of dots that merely modify mine.” He feels so proud.

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I don’t see why it’s so hard to wrap your head around the concept of people not wanting their creative property to be used wherever and whenever. I think very few people would care if their content was used entirely for private & personal use away from anyone else’s eyes but otherwise artists are often very particular about who their content is associated with and how it can be used.

In regards to Neimar’s original question, I would recommend you ask the artist anyway for permission on whether you can use their portrait. Never hurts to ask.





I’ll go when I want and I’m clearly aware. I’m sorry the truth put so plainly is affrontive to you, I frankly don’t care.

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tbh I’m not even mad
just seeing someone try to act like a smartass who’s woke and ready to “tell it like it is” is just depressing.


I’m right, that’s the real depresser? Even more so, you’re not even arguing over things that matter in life. None of this puts anyone ahead. You’re just picky nerds.


Are you aware that you too are participating in this argument over things that don’t matter in life


But apparently destroying someone on a chat site on science, philosophy and religion matters in real life.

Okay buddy, sure.

That’s really gonna help you in life.


say sike right now