Need help Finishing a splice

Hi so I started this portrait,spliced,recolored the skintone and armor,the whole shabang,but I’m unskilled and would like some guidance on how to fill in the gaps
(Yeah the colors are different, I modeled the colors off of the jugdral games)

I would start by finishing the hair and face, they have background colors stuck in them.

This portrait could work… You should fill up the green parts that are not part of the background. The image is 16 colors, which is good. If you wish to add blinking frames, talking frames and or a mini mug, I suggest taking a look at a random portrait in one of the gba games to see how they handle it there. For the rest it looks pretty good!

RSflame Mug


RSflame's Portrait FE4 Colors
And here is ZekesBeans’ version with FE4 colors.