Need A Portrait made

I was wondering if someone could please make a portrait for me of a women that has long white hair and is dressed like a Mercenary/Hero that is not Echidna. I don’t really have a preference on the portrait as long as its Echidna.


Sorry but I said that I wanted a portrait that wasn’t Echidna

I’m sorry, but I dont think you’ll get something quick, I mean there is not enough information to work with. Like what do you mean by dressed like a mercenary/hero? Do you simply want a splice of an existing mercenary body? If so do you have a preference? But since you asked for a uniqueportrait are you saying you want it made from the ground up? And lastly, could you say please and thank you the next time you ask for someone to do a portrait for you.

And what’s wrong which Echidna, the only heroines in the Gba series? Did she do something bad to you?

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:neutral_face:I Guess she broke his heart

Poor baby :sweat:

B- lol I made something like this almost 15 years ago, but when I went looking for it…

B- here’s a quick pauldron edit and a lazy colour fix, I didn’t do a count and some of the colours I didn’t even bother with

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That’s a really cool portrait.