Name your favorite Unit build!

Comment here your favorite Unit build/growthrates/class in the Series! It can be even the ones that aren’t even a thing
I.e.: a SUPER BUFF dancer with HUGE atk, defense, and build (Azura with more defense basically)
Or a Strong mage with lots of atk but with good enough magic(although later that unit can get physical classes)
Have fun!

dark mage cordelia :drooling_face:

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Recently played a randomized FE7 run and had a mage Dorcas with an A support with Bartre.

A mage with near capped magic, 20+ skill and nearly 20 defense over 20 with the A support. Nearly op. Only downside he had 7 speed… but does that really matter when enemies are doing 0-3 damage per hit.

TLDR; a defensive mage with high mag and defense/resistance.

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Disparity between a stat’s base and growth

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FE11’s Dolph as a Hunter
FE11’s Darros as a Knight, aka a wall with 0% speed growth
FE12’s Malice as a Pegasus Knight into Falco Knight, complements her speed very well and makes use of her Sword rank unlike wyvern
Tanky but slow fighter like FE6 Lot
Tanky Cav

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Myrmidon Odin.

Wait, that’s just normal Odin.


I guess he decided to become a mage because he KNEW the world wasn’t ready for his overflowing darkness and power.

Also for noting, my favorite is probably Berserker Brady (son of Vaike ofc) simce they give you no berserker

Fates: Berserker Beruka, Swordmaster Peri
3 Houses: mage women that learn soulblade in assassin, alertstance+ brawl avo +20 grapplers, makeshift white wings, and uh this

Essentially any build where the stats/avoid/hit isn’t really the unit’s

Swordmaster Rutger.




FE11 Abel as a Wyvern Knight. Did this in my first run of my first FE ever and after that always cause he carries me through the game everytime

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this dork

essentially Odin works in a way so that if you choose to reclass him to Samurai using a heart seal he’ll have a nearly if not identical strength growth as he had magic in the dark mage class, allowing him to either be a decently tanky dark mage or your only swordmaster in conquest and a pretty good one at that especially if you forge him a killing edge since, in fates weapons are unbreakable and killer weapons do 4x damage on crit instead of 3x (ignoring corrin)

so if we do the math, if you give him a 25 crit forged killer weapon with a 12 character long name Odin will at least have 50% crit doing 4x damage on each hit.

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When Str = Def > 17

She does her best

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My guy, Wow! Dis dude! His growth’s! His class! His defense!

Why is he not in heroes!?

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Who is this? Lol

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This is Gilliam!

This link takes you to the fandom fire emblem wiki!

You can learn more about him there!

Where you can learn more about my fav fire emblem unit! (Gameplay wise)

Happy reading! :grinning:

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Quite a nice read. Cool lore about him being left handed and I had no idea him and serene would get married. May I ask why he’s your favorite unit gameplay wise? I never saw much use with armors in the vanilla games.

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Ok, where do I start?

I love his battle palette! the bluish green really pop’s! very dim, but effective!

I love his support’s with moulder, it’s really good!

I love that he’s a knight of Freila! since, Freila is my favorite kingdom of Magvel!

I LOVE the knight class! It’s my favorite in the whole series!

I love his A support with Serene, where he just sucked it up and ask her on the battle field!

AND most of all…

I beat, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, With, Just, Gilliam!!
It was a long and hard path, (His res is not the best…)
But, on my third playthough of FE8, I did it!
My favorite acomplishment in fire emblem!

And other little thing’s like, his growth’s i dig! his art though he might only have one card.
He still pop out from the rest of the recruit’s.

And, that is why Gilliam is my favorite fire emblem character! (GAMEPLAY wise)

I hope that was not, TOO long! but that’s that! :grinning:

Plus: His portrait, it’s one of the best of the gba portrait’s!

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