Mystic's assorted tools

Sup, I had some things kicking around that I figured might be useful to other people.

These are tools I made to help me out when I was making REDFE. They’re meant to help with the buildfile workflow.

Mug Preprocessor

This is a set of scripts (a batch script and a python 3.8 script) that can be used to automatically generate incbin style includes for mugs. I’ll just dump my explanation from the repo here.

Every PortraitFormatter call you make in a buildfile will eat up some time because you have to call an external file. And this call happens for every external include you do with PortraitFormatter. While it’s a useful tool, sometimes, you want your buildfile to compile a little faster.

incbin is a faster command than an incext with PortraitFormatter. Even 4 uses of it is faster than a single external call to PortraitFormatter.

By calling PortraitFormatter before the compilation, you can cut a little bit of time from each compile by using the raw output of that program.

tl;dr it’s faster

GBA RGB to LE 16 bit Converter

This converts a string of characters representing 16 bit RGB color into LE 16 bit colors. The format of the input is any number of colors in format RRGGBB where RR/GG/BB could be values from 0 to 31. 6 numbers per color, so make sure your input has 6*(number of colors) characters.

I’ll be real, I don’t remember why I made this. It was made nearly 3 years ago and I didn’t leave good enough notes. I think I used this to generate a new palette for REDFE’s title screen and I may have planned on using for battle palettes at some point too.


Is it possible to learn this power?

Yeah, it’s just python. Pretty easy to pick up and you just need some understanding of how GBA stuff works. I’m pretty basic in that regard, people who can do ASM are generally ahead of me in that field.

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