Mystery of The Emblem Reverse Recruitment

I made a reverse recruitment hack for FE3 a while ago. It was all well and good, but apparently I never bothered to check what happens when units died, which led to some characters not being recruitable in cases where they should have been. So I made an update which fixes that and a few other things related to deaths.

The patches are on Github. As well as the source for the program I used to generate it, if you’re interested in seeing some messy code. Patches are included for both revisions 1.0 and 1.1, and for headered and unheadered ROMs. They should work with any translation patches, as well as with the untranslated versions.

The patches cover both books. Characters generally have their items/weapons replaced with equivalents for the replacing unit’s class, with a few exceptions:

  • Units which joined with a Prf weapon will keep the Prf in their new joining chapter. I.e. Elice joins with Aum in chapter 1-1. However, she doesn’t join with it in chapter 2-1 because she didn’t have it in vanilla.
  • Units which replace a unit that held a plot-important item (Regalia, Star Shard, Spheres, etc) will still have those items even if they can’t use them.
  • I generally did not replace staves.

Other changes made:

  • Portraits were changed in talk conversations to avoid weird bugs with dialogue causing units to behave oddly/dissapear. Portraits in other events are unchanged. Marth+Minerva also have some special portrait variations that will still appear in some talks.
  • Some events were changed to avoid softlocks, like the opening of Book 1 Chapter 15.
  • Battle quotes were adjusted to play correctly for replacement units.
  • The AI for the replacements of some of the Book 2 clerics was changed to prevent them from moving.
  • Clerics can cross mountains now so that Elice can seize in Book 2, Chapter 1.
  • New in 1.1: units who replace a character that appears as an enemy will now have death quotes if the original unit did as well. (i.e. Castor’s Book 1 replacement still has no death quote because Castor originally did not.)

Here are which units got switched:

Book 1 replacements

Book 2 replacements


Realized I made a big oversight - since my patch changes portraits, it can’t work with all versions.

I’ve remade the release tag, which now has two separate zip files - one that’s compatible with unmodified FE3 roms, and one which is compatible with the latest version of my translation patch.

If there is another translation patch you think I should support, please let me know.

As an alternative, I’ve made a version which disables (almost) all in-chapter text. Death quotes still appear, though.
I haven’t tested it extensively so I’m putting it out as an “RC” pre-release for now. Try it if you wish.

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