My thief can't steal anymore [Fe builder]

I must do something wrong because in my hack, my thief can’t steal item anymore.
And it’s not because he don’t have enought speed. For example with 12 speed, he can’t steal a fighter with 6 speed, because the steal option don’t appear in the menu.

I install several patch between the moment I remember stealing thing with my thief and the moment I notice this bug. But it’s long time ago, so I don’t remember what patch exactly could provoke this bug, or is it really due to adding a patch.

Do you know a patch who can affect this ? Perhaps the thief can steal, but the display of the menu is buggy ?

Do you have Skills installed? If you have, you need to set Steal and Cunning skills.

Yes, it’s the problem. I have the skill patch installed and until now, it worked well but it seems with the update, now the functionnality change. By default, when you just install the patch, the thief only have the skill cunning and not steal, and it worked well. Now, you need both, which is pretty annoying, because you’re only limited to 6 skill, so it’s 2 skill for nothing.

I hope there would be a patch to do like legacy canto.

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