My OC, J.G

Years ago, I made a rather simple splice with the hopes that she’ll feature in an FE hack one day. Today, I’ve finally completed all the things necessary to make her a character in an FE hack or fangame.

So I now present to you all my original character: J.G.

My basic story outline for her is that she’s a practitioner of magic, not quite so good at it at first but has the potential to become one of the best spellcasters. Her attire is somewhat more modern than the usual medieval fashion; I’m still working on a story reason for this but in the meantime, it’ll hopefully help her stand out among all the mage girls.

The following are all the assets I’ve made for making her a character and unit in a hack or fangame. They’re primarily for my own usage, but I also figured that I shouldn’t let these go to waste if I somehow fail to make anything with them. Thus, they’re all free to use. Need a mage girl? Maybe she’ll be just what you need.

Anyway, I’ll start with her portrait:

Fir’s hair, Nino’s face, and the body of an FE6 civilian boy. This originally had more than 16 colors, but Chocolate Kitty helped me bring it down to GBA standards and compatibility.

Next, her combat animations:

Based off of Lisandra_Brave’s ponytail mage and sage, they’re just drawn over existing mage and sage sprites but it still took me a long while to make these. Her class isn’t the usual mage and sage, I wanted her to have her own unique class because of course I do.

The top one is her unpromoted class, apprentice. It’s basically a mage in all but name: anima only, 5 move, the works. The bottom one is her promoted class, magician. It’s pretty much like a super pupil in that it can use all three magic types, but it does not include staffs.

Right now, those combat anims are formatted more for Lex Talionis. I still need to figure out how to make them insertable into GBA, and any help with that will be appreciated. These single sprites have a 16-color palette if it’ll help:

And finally, her map sprites:

Left is apprentice, right is magician. Apprentice is just the pupil but with a female head, and could easily be repurposed into a female pupil. Magician isn’t too fancy either, it’s just apprentice with a top hat.

And that’s all of it. Although I’ve finally completed her, I still have a lot more to do because I still have to feature her in something. But whatever happens, I’m still happy to have shared all this work that I’ve accomplished here.


She is iconic :heart: