My items are fucked up

^ true title


I assembled @jjl2357’s status inflicting weapons hack and @Venno’s passive boost hack, but it seems they’re conflicting.
Note: There may be other hacks involved which I don’t know about!


Weird bugs regarding items.

^ wat

^ she has an item that gives her +1 spd and skl. Her skill is capped at 20 and this is the result.

-> Staves no longer animate. They only have map animations
-> Sometimes during the enemy phase, if a battle occurs against a staff holder, the staff icon may glow as if it was effective against him… wut?
-> Neither @jjl2357’s nor @Venno’s hack have the desired effect.

  • WHAT HAS BEEN DONE? Venno told me to reinstall his hack to overwrite the conflicting data and make it so that at least his hack will work again, but it didn’t work.

I personally think that this isn’t only due to their hacks but to many factors so… if somebody wants to investigate, I’ll send him the patch in private.

Now fear the wrath of a Door Key!* (no Wrath gained.)

Or smack 'em with a vulnerary! hope they don’t heal

Or use the legendary fist! It’s extremely powerful!

Heal staff attacks are out, though.

You’ve made staves equipable?
And can it be doable for FE7?

And I have the same problem with the Skill and Speed for FE7, but not with equipped items.

The equippable items/staves might be an issue of the weapon lock hack, if you have one installed?.

D-did you make backups before every major ASM install?

Well I still have almost all of your previous patches that you sent me, and I assume you still have scripts, I mean, not like events are going to delete themselves. So @Klokinator, I wouldn’t assume it’s unsalvagable even if we can’t fix it and he doesn’t.

I have about 136 backups in my folder… but anyway I didn’t consider this as anything game-breaking or irreversible. Maybe I’m naive, but with some patience and the right knowledge it could be fixed perfectly.
The problem is that I lack that knowledge, that’s why I’m asking here.
Would you mind taking up the task, @Crazycolorz5?

I don’t know if I’d be able to do much work right now, but I do have a few suggestions to whoever does take it up.

Regarding the keys/staves being equipped, I bet it’s an error with the can-equip routine, which was probably overwritten by some weapon lock hack or the other.

The speed not displaying properly is an error with the getter(s) for the stats, or the getters for the bonuses from equipped items. Likely due to have been edited in the passive item boosts.

It’s been 3 months but this bug hasn’t been fixed yet. I can’t release v.1.5 in this condition. Would anybody take up the task and, at least, take a look to see what’s happening?

I could try debugging if you want