My imagination (of a fe hack?)

Welp i never read rules so idk if anything is illegal of this post (welp not all posts need to be useful right?)

Ok i was totally daydreaming and a little bit hope someone might use the concepts emblem treehouse
The background is a zombie apocalypse in modern world (yep totally unmakable unless a good battle aninationer) due to zombie destructions and lack of technology people decided to live on treehouses to prevent zombie attacks while sending scouts in hopes of finding a cure
The main character is a young couple lalala has a jeigan with them lalala has a squad lalala screw the details of story but they dont have to deal with homework anyways.
Weapons: this is a concept welp
I think maybe
pistols:3-5 range low damage higher accuracy
Rifles:2-4 range higher damage
Shotguns:1-2 range highest damage but low acc
Snipers:6-12 range high acc and damage but high weight
Moves are like 3 to 4 (dont wanna fast movement)
(Ok this is actually not fire emblem and no one will make a hack of it cuz myself is lack of time and hardworkingness)

The continent of dank memes (actually not) is ruled by a church basically (absolutely not named seiros or luminous) and the church is good as it seems but actually corrupt (or else there will be no plots)
There are also many families that inherits a specific magic talent too.
The protagonist is a little girl named vime , whose family just died (ok typical start) due to the church’s hunt. It was because of the family had talent on dark magic (ok boomer)
Vime started living alone and actually got caught up in a war between a resistance and the church.
The first chapters are brigand fighting (ofc) and then went in mainline (if ur gonna build this hack do the rest of story by ur imagination)
Characters so far:
Vime: she actually could summon monster familiars and revive the dead (yes no more cadual mode excuses cuz the game is basically casual mode itself )
Familiars:doge (wait wtf) long cat (its time to stop) birdie (stfu)
Maybe a few characters r familiars? Cuz i dont think too many familiars will help in talking
A command of summoning npc of vanilla monsters i think? Can summon more after leveling up ? Like skills
Also some undead characters will be included:
Nie: a guy who just died to bandits defending his homeland and got revived (ofc pale skin color and a vanilla class)
Hode: nomaaaaadd yay a living one who tooj pity on protagonist
Hedo: hode’s sis and a myrmidon origin oppose hode to travel with vime but nvm later
Lania: a long dead manakete, recently revived by vime and the battle animation may be of a manakete transforming into a draco zombie? Becuz this way no one had to draw too much
Maybe some custom monster chracters with human sprites? (Yeah i know it , from the bloodline’s viperian to someone who drew a girl on the baal and made them use weapons and magic)
Maybe a knighty armor ghost too?(very honourful)
Screw the imagination and yeah the rest of the characters are mostly people she encountered ( or revivez) ggwp thats all

Regular fire emblem with player leading a battalion but events happens
A a ppl is actually a spy and will betray u (with all the weapons u invested and exp too)
B assassins in ur tent so be like zephiel and 1v10
C brigands going to yeet village
D real warrrrrrrr that lasts like 50 turns (GG cab u also make it a casual mode too?)
E a unit consults u and player has to choose dialogues to answer if played badly the unit may leave if chose correctly many times the unit will gain permanent stats ( yay)
F stealth missions (cannot take down 3 or more enemies per turn and cannot let enemies initiate an atk ot survive one )

Ok thats all anyone gonna carry them out?
(Actually its purpose is spitting some imaginations lol)

Btw for new hacks general ideas…: maybe some troll weapons : low weight might but infinite uses
Knives keyboards teabag to do mental harm housework pikes
(Maybe new kind of classes?
Pilgrim : cheric nerfed version and can heal himself/herself
Dracosage:manaketes who cant fight in dragon form but can channel dragon powets
Magic newbie:(spells can deal damage in a cross of area)
(Promoted:witch (spells can deal damage in a big area (like a mage in the central of target area and his atk range) 13 blocks total
Singer: use different commands to cause effects to area within x range such as stop movement cant atk cant heal def/res/2 etc
(Totally stella glow stuffs)
Ok rly ty for reading bai

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