My First Project, an FE8 PME

So, a while back, I had decided to work on a hack for FE8. It was just gonna be a reskin where I basically did whatever I wanted for the game, and I tried to do way too much, way too fast. To remedy this, I have decided to make a new PME, just as a way for me to get familiar with FEBuilder.

The format to submit a character is as follows:
Growths - has to equal 350% for normal units, 450 for growth units
Growth unit or normal - Growth units have base stats halved
Who they are replacing
Link to Mug, if you have one
Character Description
Personal weapon, if you’d like. I’ll try to make as many of these as I can, but I make no promises.

Just to make sure everyone is up to speed, and to make sure no one has to scroll through the entire thread just to see who is taken.

Replaced Characters, And By Who

Erika - Grant, by myself
Seth - Reed, by myself
Gilliam - Durga, by Taylor
Frans - Casval, by Jackofblades1991
Moulder - Moulder, by UltraxBlade
Vanessa - Dexia, by Taylor
Neimi - Kobeni, by Freefall
Colm - Ella, by VelvetKitsune
Ross - Lerak, by Dancer_A
Garcia - Garrison, by Taylor
Lute - Sorbet, by VelvetKitsune
Artur - King, by BandanaSplitzzz
Joshua - Marisa, by ReturnOfTheBlackKnight
Natasha -
Ephraim - Malik, by Taylor
Orson - Red, by MageHero21
Forde - Kran, by Franz
Kyle - Zane?, by UltraxBlade
Amelia -
Tana -
Innes - Chyle, by MageHero21
Tethys -
Gerik -
Marissa -
L’Arachael - Looker, by UltraxBlade
Dozla - Bridget, by VelvetKitsune
Saleh - Phorde, by MageHero21
Ewan -
Cormag -
Rennac -
Dussel -
Knoll -
Myrrh -
Syrene -

O’neil - Dorcas, by myself
Breguet -
Bone -
Bazba -
Entombed Boss -
Saar -
Zonta -
Novala -
Murray -
Tirado -
Binks -
Pablo -
Wight Boss -
Maelduin Boss -
Aias -
Pablo -
Carlyle -
Gheb -
Beran -
Deathgoyle Boss -
Cyclops Boss - Rita, by VelvetKitsune
Selena -
Vigarde -
Caellach -
Valter -
Orson - Red, by MageHero21
Lyon -
Gorgon Boss -
Reiv -
Morva -
Demon King -

This format should make for interesting characters. At least I hope so lol.
I will be creating the characters replacing Erika, Seth and O’Neil, so aside from those two, pretty much anything goes as far as named characters. Obviously bosses don’t get growths, but I tend to give them higher offensive stats than player bases anyways, so it should be fine. I’ll release a demo once I get about five chapters in, and then whenever I feel I’ve made enough progress to actually constitute a demo. Also I’m getting rid of main game fog. Just figured I’d mention that.

Horray for progress! I’ve gotten a few things done! Everything up to chapter 4 is done, and that means that you guys get your first easter egg character! (Not really an easter egg, but c’mon) He should be pretty obvious, but just in case, all the easter egg characters can be talked to by Grant, since otherwise that’d make things really complicated.
More bugs! I have no idea why some of this stuff is happening, but here’s a list.

  • Some dialog is bugged, and will overlap. I’m not sure if this is because I’m hitting A to mash through it, or if it’s a speedup thing.
  • The Stoner staff is currently broken, so I’ve removed it from Moulder’s inventory. I have no idea what’s causing it to not work, but I’m trying to fix it.
  • The alloy bow will sometimes have a portrait freak out. Unsure of why this is, but it has no effect on gameplay, so I’m just gonna ship it as-is

Non-Bug issues!

  • So many early game axefighters. You have 3. In a party of 6. I’m gonna need to balance for that somewhere lol
  • Lerak and Garrison are at the mercy of RNG with the bandit near them. I’m gonna fix this later, but for now, it’s fine.
  • Unsure of how good on average Sorbet is, but that’ll have to wait for a later patch.

Link: Apologies for the rapid reupload, but I realized too late that Dexia’s portrait had not been updated, and this fixes that, as well as adding a small thing in the files to help me later. (Hint, we no longer have 3 pegasi, but we do have two brigands, maybe a third would do something?)


Aren’t those numbers… High
You have 7 stats to work with, 400 gives you ~55% in everything
600 gives you ~85% in everything.

They are a tad high yeah, but that does include HP, and I prefer units that can actually grow. besides that, growth units should be better if you train them, Ross makes me sad lol.

this requirement is ridiculously high, every single unit in this game will completely smash the entire game and ross is not a bad unit at all. there is no balance if every unit has 50+ rates in everything

Yeah, I may have jumped the gun on the numbers lol. Again, first real hack. maybe toning that down to like, 350 would be better? 450 for growths. Ross isn’t a bad unit, but it’s dumb that he has some of the lowest growth rates of all of the characters in sacred stones.

He has lower total growths because he has higher total levels, they more than even it out.

Iirc lord’s in GBA have around 325 with normal units around 300, so I would typically aim for that. If you want higher totals, 375/325 is probably enough for your ests/normal units.

I’ve actually got Erika’s growths pulled up, and they seem at 350. granted she has wonky bases, but she usually ends up just ok at level 20, so that seemed like a good spot.

Nah, you can make a unit with growths that high that’s not just gonna stomp the game, just allocate them badly! (But really, while the original totals you had were kind of insane, growth totals aren’t really all that meaningful as a performance metric, the base stats and the way the growths are distributed mean a lot more.) Anyway, here, have an obvious joke:

Name: Moulder
Gender: Male
Class: Priest
Growths - has to equal 350% for normal units, 450 for growth units
HP: 125%
Mag: 0%
Skill: 145%
Speed: 0%
Luck: 75%
Def: 105%
Res: 0%
Growth unit or normal: Growth
Who they are replacing: Moulder
Portrait: (Credit: me!)
Moulder THE BOULDER {UltraxBlade}
Character Description: THE BOULDER
Inventory: Stone*, Mend
Personal weapon: Stone – the gorgons’ petrify thing, but make it his personal weapon and give it more uses


I enjoy this. This brings joy.

I wasn’t really going to submit but given I’ve posted so many times I feel obligated
I’ll edit in a portait later

it’s there now

Name: Lerak
Gender: Female
Class: Villager
HP: 105
Pow: 60
Skl: 60
Spd: 60
Lck: 60
Def: 55
Res: 50
Growth unit

Replacement: Ross

Description: A blacksmith-for-hire. Not very good at her job.
Inventory: Rusty Sword (a poison sword but it doesn’t break)


Name: Red
Gender: Male
Class: Assassin
HP: 90%
Str: 35%
Skl: 70%
Spd: 50%
Lck: 55%
Def: 25%
Res: 25%
Normal unit
Who they are replacing: Orson
Red Crewmate {Mysterious Dancer}.png
Portrait by Mysterious Dancer

Character Description (5x): Not gonna lie, Red do be looking a bit sus right now.
Character Description (Boss): I TOLD YOU! Red was the impostor the whole time!
Inventory (5x): Silver Sword, Light Brand, Elixir
Inventory (Boss): Wind Sword, Shamshir, Hoplon Guard

̶ ̶̶̶w̶̶̶h̶̶̶y̶̶̶ ̶̶̶d̶̶̶i̶̶̶d̶̶̶ ̶̶̶i̶̶̶ ̶̶̶d̶̶̶o̶̶̶ ̶̶̶t̶̶̶h̶̶̶i̶̶̶s̶̶̶ ̶̶̶g̶̶̶e̶̶̶t̶̶̶ ̶̶̶a̶m̶o̶n̶g̶ ̶u̶s̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶h̶e̶a̶d̶ ̶p̶l̶e̶a̶s̶e̶ ̶h̶̶̶e̶̶̶l̶̶̶p̶̶̶ ̶̶̶m̶̶̶e̶̶̶

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So, I’m not actually sure how to do anything with the creature campaign, as I’ve not played and tested it as much as the base game, so the creature campaign will unfortunately remain pretty much unedited. This is absolutely hilarious, however.

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Name: Durga
Gender: Female
Class: Armor Knight
Growths - 450% growth unit
Hp: 30%
Atk: 80%
Skl: 80%
Spd: 100%
Def: 80%
Res: 30%
Lck: 50%

Growth unit-base stats halved
Replacing: Gilliam
Generic FE7 Soldier F F2E(Kyrads)

Character Description: As strong as Steel
Pft weapon

Personal weapon:
Unbreakable lance with the stats of the iron lance but with nosferatu effects

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So, as I said in the post, I’m replacing Erika myself. I do like the character though, so does anyone else come to mind they’d replace?

I shall replace seth, if it would be alright

I replaced the first three named characters. Those being Seth, Erika, and O’Neil. Moulder, Orson and Ross are currently replaced as well.

Then it shall be Gilliam

Gotta ask, just for credits sake, do you know who made this?

ohhey. another person who ‘probably’ likes foxes.
Greetings fellow fox fanatic!
Hmmmm… We’ll have to see if I throw any random ideas at this one as well.

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Greetings to you as well.