My Custom Animation Freezes

Hey, so I’ve been twiddling around with a custom animation for like a day or two now, and I wanted to test the basic attack animation so I replaced every sprite that wasn’t finished with the standing frame. Once I had Eliwood engage the enemy, the game froze at the part where the white box that acts as a transition was just in view. I’m gonna include the animation in question along with my frames, as well as the script. (The script was just Eliwood’s base script from FE7.)

You need to remove modes 2 and 4-- they serve as piercing frames; and the format for our purposes has mode 2 assembled from mode 1 and mode 4 assembled from mode 3; using 488x160 frames instead of 248x160 frames (two screen widths + the palette instead of one + palette). The standing animation modes (that I don’t remember the numbers of) can’t have a lot of the commands in them; so the downshifting of the others likely causes it to encounter that error.

Thank you! It works wonderfully!