My Animation Assembler seem to not work

Yo, fairly new to hacking. I found out about Animation Assembler just recently and decided to try it, but when I dragged and dropped an FEditor formatted animation in the AA.exe the cmd starts but the process doesn’t start so no .event file is created. While I’m at it, I ran to another problem before that. It’s regarding nmm2csv which gives me errors whenever I do the EA part… (And yeah, this means I can’t do anything at all)

Can someone please help?

The cmd starts, but the process doesn’t start? Could you be a little more descriptive? Also be sure that you’re allowing the script to finish running. They can take a little while.

For nnm2csv, that doesn’t output anything that EA reads. Do you mean c2ea? Even so, we can’t help if all you provide is that errors exist. Could you show us what the errors are and tell us exactly what you did?

Oh, sorry I kinda suck at desriptions HEHE…

Something like that for the ea. And it says “No data written to output” in the end.

I’ve yet to try AA again tho.

So I retried using AA again. I waited for a couple o’ minutes.
While waiting and writing my work, the cmd disappears and then it did nothing.

Something good to always check: Are you using the latest version of EA/Colorzcore? Next, make sure you have #include eastdlib.event near the start of your buildfile. That should fix the PUSH/POP issue?
For alignment, that’s coming from the CSV. The problem could be a bad NMM for the item table. Check also that you don’t have something like 2 numbers in one cell. If you can’t find an obvious solution, upload or link your CSV/NMM for me to check out.

For AA.exe, it should have generated a .event file in the directory you ran it in. The cmd window closing itself when it’s done is intended.

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Thnks thnks… Imma check if those works