Music Request for an upcoming project

Hello i need someone to make these songs with midi for make it exportable to the gba rom.

Legends of dragoons game both links : start at 1:18 start at the begining.

I will really appreciate if someone can do it as soon as possible. I’m working day and night on the project a thread will show up soon just be patient.


I wish I could help. I don’t think I’m skilled enough, though.:frowning:

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It’s ok sir, if someone can help anyway he’s going to right in this topic.(i hope so)

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Im gonna ask again if someone could really make these sounds into a midi. I really need these so far. :pray:

Begging for assets rarely will get you anywhere. I see no reason why you can’t just use vanilla FE8 music for now. There aren’t too many music people here (and I’m not one of them), and they all have their own things to be doing. If you really want someone to make your music for you, you’re going to have to release a patch first and make significant progress.


I agree with what u say but I wanna do an explosive entrance when I’ll launch the thread up.
Im working with some ppl in secret for the moment their names will be added by giving them regards for their work. but I don’t have a compositor so… and the theme I’m asking for are really important for the project I’m working for.

As a musician I can tell you that arranging music from scratch is a very labourious task. If it isn’t fairly easy to rip from a game using a computer program, then I wouldn’t even bother doing it for my own fangame.

Thankfully, though, there IS a lot of music that is freely available and easily found in the music repo. And much of the music found in GBA games - even non-fire emblem - is rippable using febuilder. Surely you could find some that is suitable.

If you’re super vehement about it, then use up most of your ROM space for one .wav music track :sweat_smile:
Or try converting cake to eggs.


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Well the music I’m looking for it just need to be record for about 40sec-1min its for a battle theme actually but I don’t know anything about making turning a music into a midi file so I’m looking for a available person that could possibly do this for me.

I don’t know how to be any clearer about this without sounding rude. Please try doing it yourself using the tools and tutorials readily available before insisting someone else do it for you. If you do not want to try, you must settle for what is available.

Idk if you have tried googling for midis but this is the first result

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Well i don’t know where you found this link but thx anyway even if there is just one of two i was looking for thanks anyway.

If it’s a PS1 game you can probably rip the MIDI sequences yourself using the various tools we have around

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