Music Repository v3

I have decided to take over the management of the Music Repository. I am building off the previous repos maintained by @anon98251803 and @Klokinator.

As always, everything here is Free to Use. (make sure to give credit, stealing is bad)

If you would like to add music to the repository:

Please also include a short preview of how the midi sounds in game, named the same way. If you are uploading multiple files, please send put them in a folder.

Additionally, if you have songs without previews, adding them would be greatly appreciated.

Everything is located in this google drive folder, which will always contain the most recent versions of everything submitted.
Link to the Repo.


Thanks for taking over!

Worth mentioning: Mysterious Dancer also made the jump to Google Drive, so now you don’t have to download a whole dropbox folder to get access to the songs in the repo. I was thinking about doing it, but, >effort.

Improvements, woo!


Thank you for taking on this @MysteriousDancer quick thing to note, I am a big stupid dum dum and all of my previews are… not what you want… I’m in the process of re submitting new previews. Sorry for my incompetence.

Edit: Finished them, also have some more New tracks are:
Full speed ahead from LOZ spirit tracks
Battle from LOZ phantom hourglass
Cloud of Darkness from FF III DS
Neutral forces from FE4
And New Wave Bossa Nova from LOZ Majora’s Mask
Everything else is an update to my previous previews and a few .s tracks needed updating too (If I missed any let me know


Finally, i can do my part.
My part :slight_smile:


Golden Sun Dark Dawn - Fight of the Sons (Battle theme 1)
Summon Night Swordcraft Story - Let’s Make It! (Crafting theme)
Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green - To Fuchsia (From Routes)
Kid Icarus - Underworld (Starting Area)
FE6 - Will of One/Roy’s Battle (Western Isles/Etruria Map Theme)


Completely dissapointed at the lack of Nier automata music. SMH (/s)

Songs added:
NieR Automata - Dark Colossus Destroys All (Preview)
Monster Hunter 3 - Jhen Mohran (Preview)
Kindgdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Oscurita dell’ ignoto (Preview)


I do this to help with my chronic anxiety

Happy turkey month


Hi, sorry if I’m wrong but there seems to be a preview but no .s for “The Dream is Over” from 3H

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Hmm, you are right. No idea what happened there. I’ll update it.

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something else. there’s no .s for p3 memories of the school
edit: or k.k. condor form a.c
Or TRS Preps

So I decided to try and transcribe a song myself, but it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. Then again, this was my first time doing something like this. So without further ado, here’s
FE: Heroes - Book 2 Boss Theme (Shtick)

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Though I’d add some stuff from a project I’ve been working on.

Folder with all the .s and .mp3s below

And here’s the individual tracks.

Megaman Battle Network 3 - Boss Theme - (Preview)
Megaman Battle Network 5 - vs. Nebula Gray - (Preview)
Pokemon Black/White - Embracing One’s Duty - (Preview)
Pokemon Black/White - N’s Castle - (Preview)


I realized that google drive had managed to mess up the uploads of several things (grrr), so I reuploaded everything and it should all be there now, I also added everything from the thread.


Why not use github for this?

Here, more stuff.

Track List

Etrian Odyssey - Dyed In Blood
Final Fantasy 5 - Sealed Away
Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Walking Forward With Determination
Illusion of Gaia - Larai Cliff
Mega Man 6 - Blizzard Man
New Super Mario Bros. - Castle
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team - Mt. Thunder
Trials of Mana - Sacrifice Part 3

Previews and .s files are included. Enjoy!

Download Link


You definitely kept my attention with this golden sun track !

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Shining Force - Battle 2 (also known as “Get them!”).

Preview from near the end of the track (NIMAP)

I did not make this midi, I just edited it so that it sounds nice
when inserted. For this specific reason, both the name of the creator
and me are in the file name.

Note: The first part of the track plays only once in the midi, and not twice like in the original track.


credit should go to Serenes Forest (sound files), @BwdYeti, @Dancer_A, @Bartz, and @Rubber (looping/volume adjustment)

I’ll try and add more later, this is not all of them
lmk if any of the files do not loop, those should all work

Fyi this is for tactile, these won’t be useful for GBA as they are identical to the original songs


Hey all. Due to the recent popularity of engines like Lex Talionis and TacTile, I am adding a section to the repo for .ogg files. Currently, this folder only contains the GBA tracks provided by Skitty, but my hope is that people will decide to submit .oggs of their midis as well. This is not a necessity, but would be extremely appreciated. Additionally, I will be working on adding music from the other FE games in .ogg format.


A note on the .oggs I submitted; they’re all volume adjusted and loop properly (check out the metadata with audacity) when inserted into Tactile. So be sure to just meet those criteria when submitting .oggs. Otherwise, just submitting .mp3s or any other file format that doesn’t affect quality is better so the user knows they need to do the adjusting themselves.
You can convert non-midis into .oggs with Audacity as well.

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Hell yes, this is exactly what I needed, thank you!