Music People for Bloodlines

Hey folks! Ghast here.

As Bloodlines tries to inch slowly and slowly into releasing 3.0 (hopefully for Fee3?), I’m hoping I can get some extra hands for music.

I have all the MIDIs I want to be in the game, and right now I need some folks who would be willing to assist in making good quality renditions of those MIDIs for the project.

@Alusq is my music guy, but since I’ve gone the buildfile route, he’s been preoccupied with setting up a build file for the music. Please let me know or DM me if this is something you’re interested in doing!

I know beggars can’t be choosers - I can’t pay you for this. And I can get pretty picky with how I want the music files to sound. But help would nonetheless be super appreciated.


How much and what kind of work needs to be done?

Keen to optimise some MIDIs but not super keen to do the hacking

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Agro the legend

bby you didn’t answer my question

So, there’s actually a handful of MIDIs. Namely character themes, new battle music and like the Black Fang stuff.
Right now, there’s honestly not that many. I just want to replace the vanilla tracks with the MIDIs I have with me.
You wouldn’t need to do any hacking stuff and we have a sound font too and accept my friend request on discord pls.

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I could do some basic ports. Nothing too fancy, but recognizable and not that ear-hurting. I’ve only ever worked with FE8, though; I know FE7’s handling of custom music is different, so that might be tricky.

It’s almost exactly the same.