Music Looping Issue, Tracks loop asynchronously

When I import a MIDI (no matter it being Mid2GBA or FEBuilder importer), the tracks sometimes loop asynchronously and the song becomes messed up a litle (it’s just very few beats off).
Anyone have an idea what the cause of this is?
In case of Mid2GBA, I did the correct [ ] cues and export to MIDI-0, still the same issue, probably something in the MIDIs themselves? I’m clueless.

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I’m not totally sure what is causing this either, but I have certainly noticed it as well. Posting here so if someone else comes along with an answer or solution, I won’t miss it.

For what it’s worth, I have a really old version of FeBuilder as well as an updated version on my computer. The older version, which is back from April of 2021, does not cause this problem when I import music. The newer version, however, does.

Can you post the midi and .s file?

Sure. For what it’s worth though, this has been happening for a lot of different midis for me, not just this one. This just happens to be pretty darn apparent on the loop, and to me, it even seems like it starts getting off beat before the loop even happens. Like it’s just slowly by slowly becoming off, even in the first loop.

SD3 for me.mid (15.4 KB)

The .s file is in the dropbox link here. It’s ripped directly from the rom after insertion:

Thanks for taking a look.

First, please make sure the start and end of the loop is properly defined.
After that, I don’t think there is any problem with importing with mid2agb.

SD3 for me.mid (15.5 KB)