Music in FE hacks poll

Ive always been wondering how hack players handle music in FE hacks so I decided to just make this poll and get that questions and any assumptions out of the way. Here’s a poll answering the question

  • “How often do you listen to hack music while playing it”
  • I always listen to the music while playing a hack
  • Half the time I listen to the music while playing a hack
  • Rarely do I listen to the music while playing a hack
  • I always play muted

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I voted “I always listen to the music while playing a hack” - which I assume means I listen to the music in the hack. However, this isn’t quite true but the option that would suit me best isn’t there, which would be “Most of the time I listen to the music while playing a hack”

I play a lot on my phone so nah

I play FE roms with x2 speed, playing on 60 fps is snails pace compared to what I’m used to, drawback is you’re gonna be hearing a lot of ear screeching music if you play on x2 speed so yeah mute is the norm for me

I put a lot of effort into the music in my project and I want you to hear BGM.
I try to play good music for the background music in the enemy turn as well as in the player turn.
I know that there are a lot of enemies in the game, so You often skip frame skips, but I want to be able to make the music something that you might be tempted to listen to.
We’re also trying to improve the tempo of the game so that it’s a lot faster than vanilla, and reduce the need for frame skipping as much as possible.

I know there is still room for improvement, but we want to make sure we provide good music.


I always play them with the music on, especially since most of 'em are a new experience for me.
Hearing new remixes or tracks is one of the most txciting aspects of trying out a hack for me😁

I do unless I’m speeding up a lot.

I feel it’s just respectful to listen to the music in a hack if custom tracks have been inserted. Vision Quest has a lot of custom toons that really enhanced the experience for me, ever since I started playing the hack I’ve been playing hacks with the volume on.

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I used to mute sometimes on my older phone because the emulation achieved better speeds without having to deal with the sound engine, but now that I have Power, I always keep it on. Sets the tone and everything. And with Vision Quest or CotBK you HAVE to give it a listen, especially the latter with like 30 original compositions

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