Multiple Portrait Commission Requests

Hello, I am new but never made an account, always browsing, but enough of that.

I am looking to commission around, 2-4 portraits/mugs with talking and minis, around 30-50$ usd per portrait, price can also negotiated.

If you are wondering why, I want to surprise some friends for a project I am making for them that would be between us, because I got inspired to make something for them.

If possible contact me in the thread or if you need a better line of communication for business, my twitter and discord (SevenNightsMan#0930) are fine.

Otherwise thank you for taking a look at this.


What are the portraits? Are they OCs or from something?

Yes, one was, but someone came up to me and has taken that slot, I still wish to complete the rest of people wish to take me up on that, otherwise I am able to wait.

I’ll do 2-3 of them depending on details. Discord is Yasako#4392 if you want to follow up.

Are spots still available? I might be able to work on something.

I am certainly willing to listen, if you can DM me somehow sure