[Multi-Language]SRPG Studio

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It is a commercial software, instead of a free one. You can purchase it here.


Actually i am translating this software, i will upload some images soon, there’s many things to do yet, but i have already translated a part of the software, the sad thing is that i am translating the trial version, so don’t expect full features (i don’t have the 5900 yen that the Saphire Soft is asking us xD ) but i will try to crack software myself (but don’t expect this to work because i don’t know a damn thing about assembly), as soon it’s a little better i will release a version


Oh boy, would love to see this soon.

also 5900 costs less than buying all three routes of Fates so it’s money well spent


How much is 5900 yen in usd? I’ll buy you a copy if it helps with the translation.

Edit: Jesus Christ, $52?! Tell me if there’s a sale and I’ll do it.

Fuck’s sake, Japan.

Edit2: If someone else wants to drop $26, split it 50/50 with me for the sake of translation efforts, I would be happy to do that.


Let’s make a donation for it or something. I am if every one here drops a bit money, than this should be no problem at all.


I’m willing to back the $26 if needed, just gimme somewhere to put it and I’ll be more than happy to do so.


Lol, i never expected this, thanks Klokinator, i don’t know these things about money, but if someone could buy this software and send me a copy would also help (this way i don’t have my hands on your money xD), now on the weekend i will translate more strings of the software, i expect to have all the Data bank translated for monday, thanks for the feedback folks, this help much with the “inspiration” to do the job xD till later


I’m trying to browse the site but I can’t read moonspeak. I add it to my cart, I view my cart, then I have no clue what to do next.

But if I switch to the English site, my cart is empty, and I can’t get back to SRPG Studio again.



I usually do shopping on jp online shop. Maybe I can give you some help.


Frankly Idc, if we just send the money to Hezul and he buys it, fine by me.


I don’t know if this is still a thing, but I would be willing to throw $15 in the hat for the SRPG Studio English patch! I’ve been looking into using/translating it myself, but I’ve no experience with that sort of thing, so if there’s someone willing to do it, I would love to help make that happen!


Hi zazen, yes, the project is still going, but like i said, i don’t know things about money overseas and alike, and i don’t wanna put my hands in money from the others, it’s would be a good thing, but would be like i have to complete, and this is my first translation, if i make things bad or lose the faith in project i will be indebt to your guys and i don’t want that xD but thanks for the feedback, all the help we get is for the best, and like i said in other post, if someone can have the full program (buying it or craking it) it would help a lot, but i don’t know things about money like i said, soon i will upload some more images of the progress.


I wouldn’t want to speak for everyone here, but I don’t think anyone here would hold it against you if the project went uncompleted and I personally would not feel like you owe me, or anyone, anything. I just want to help out! :slight_smile: I think PayPal might be a good way to go on this one, those who want to help out. Just a suggestion. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress! It looks fantastic so far!


Yeah I don’t really care if the project gets completed or not. It definitely WON’T as is right now, so if it MIGHT, that is great.

And $25 is like nothing for me. $50 is pushing it a bit but meh.

How we gonna do this?


Hi folks, i have really good news for us, a member of the forum Cp49 send me a link with the full version of the SRPG Studio, i don’t know if i can send link to the download here, if someone wants the full software just let me know or talk to him, he said that is ok to share with the others, with that in hands, nothing stands back to a full translation, a totally new way ahead of us in the creation of games and new series of our style of gameplay, i will have to re-translate the strings already done, but that is nothing now, well till later!


It sounds pirated, so don’t post it here. If you get it translated… hmmm. Then we will see!


I’d love to use this, regardless of what the editor looks like. Even if the editor is not completely translated, how easy could a game be made in English? I know translation efforts are underway, but my question is specifically geared towards using the software as it comes and whether any additions would be needed in order to build a game completely in English on the player’s end.


You could always try out the Trial Version and see it for yourself. Click the yellow button here for the Trial.

This topic might also be helpful since it leads to (surprisingly capable) Google Translates of the Online Help.


I did pick up the trial, but I’d like to help translate. I just don’t know how to modify the program so it displays in English. I’ve managed to get the online help to show up and translate, but I still want to try and make something better.


Hey guys, I have a couple friends who know japanese and they’re willing to help with translating this tool, but we have no idea of how to modify the software. Would someone here be able to change the japanese text to english if we provided the translation?

Also @Hezul, how much did you already translate? If you’re already close to completion then it’s not worth it to start over lol. Anyway we want to help with whatever we can.