Mugging Blitz Round 6


holy shit bro


What a way to finish off the blitz. Absolute best girl.
Also there’s like 11 hours left so people can still submit I guess


Ok, I hope I´m not late

I have plenty more but I hate making mouth/eye frames with a passion so maybe next time.


Blitz finished, download link in OP (can we get this locked please)


I’d be happy to fill frames in for your mugs. Blink frames are my jam (and mouth frames are straightforward enough).


Wow, thanks so much. I´ll pm you the ones I got finished.


sorry but can i use this for me fe9 hack pleeeeease


These mugs were made to be free to use.


>fe9 hack


Every portrait in this thread is meant to be used by the public. (With proper credit, of course.)
Download link to the package containing all of them can be found in the opening post.

Now, please stop posting in here because the event has concluded and people are derailing the topic.