Mugging Blitz Round 5


hello everyone breathing oxygen is hard ok


“2d ago”



S’fine guys, serif knows how to compile on a cellphone, shouldn’t take long now.


dude compile. if nat wont do it i can just make a dropbox


life is hard especially when you’re supposed to be playtesting shit ok please stop bothering me

@Ganzapy go ahead, if you do it before I do I’ll link it on the thread


I’m only messin’ with ya. I know shit happens with everyone, don’t worry about it too much.


ok so apparently my method ended up killing the image quality so I’ll try to manually save them another day, sorry


Welcome to ROM Hacking, you must be new here.

Everything gets borked.


Since Natsumi won’t do it, Compiled MB5 Here


Bloopy. The hero we need.