Mug change after promotion: is it possible?

Hello guys.
I have this questions. I wish someone could help me to find an answer:
1.- Is it possible nowdays to change the mug of a unit after it get a promotion?

2.- is it possible an specific mug for specific class on specific characters (pretty specific, huh?)

3.- if not right now with the existing tools, would be possible in FEXNA?

Thanks for your answers people

Yeah, It’s possible with a patch in FEBuilder.

You need Event Assembler to do it.


Oh, thanks man! I’ll give it a try and see how it works

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No problem. Glad to help.

Found an issue: It works fine in-game, but when a “talk” event start or when a cinematic start, seems like the mod just turn off: The original mugs come back

I believe you have to manually go through and change each scene to use the updated mug. There’s probably an easier way to do this but I don’t know it.

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  1. Yes. There is a bit in character data that adds 1 to the portrait index when showing their mug in the stat screen. (So if their portrait ID is 0x10, this bit will make the stat screen show ID 0x11.) Setting this bit will require ASM. For convos, I wrote this ASM hack a little while back.

This works off of event IDs to conditionally display portraits in cutscenes. To get it to work for promotions may take a little bit of extra ASM.

  1. I’m a little unsure what you’re asking here. If you mean when finding a portrait to load, you want the game to consider both character ID and class ID, that would also require a bit of ASM.
  2. All of my answers assume you use GBA.

Summary: All of these are possible and not that complicated, but it will almost certainly take some ASM work to get working.

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Thanks for your answers @Crowes, that was helpful and the tool works almost perfectly :call_me_hand:

Hello @Snakey1
1- Yeah, I was curious about if it was possible. I’m having some fun with the patch in FEBuilder and is almost perfect, but yeah, it lacks the Mug switch when a unit promotes in cutscenes and supports. That hurt the game experience. I’m more into spriting than coding, but are you telling me it could be possible?

2- The question was an extension of the first one. I’m sorry if it was redundant.
Something like:
-Franz Cavalier have the vanilla Portrait
-Franz Paladin have an specific Franz Paladin portrait
-Franz Great Knight have an specific Franz Great Knight portrait
So 3 portraits for the same character.
When the Paladin Franz talk with Seth, he shows his Franz Paladin portrait
When the Great Knight Franz talk with Seth, he shows his Franz Great Knight portrait
etc, etc.

3- You are assuming currectly haha, I’ve been wating for FEXNA since the beginning of the times, and looks like I will die waiting. Like 99% of us. I was just wonder about the possibility of a similar module in it

In conversation, specify the portrait number, not the unit ID of the person appearing in the conversation.
So it’s outside the scope of this patch.

The simple way is to make a branch.
If there are not many lines spoken by that person, you should make a branch and respond.

It is difficult this way if the character is a protagonist and there are a lot of lines.

In that case, you have to make a patch yourself.
You only have to create a patch in ASM to replace one portrait ID with another.

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Both 1 and 2 are definitely possible yes. It would require ASM, but it wouldn’t be exceptionally difficult to create.

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@Snakey1 As I tell you before, I’m not a coder at all, I’m more into sprites.
Would be possible as a module in FEBuilder? Can I ask you that as a request? In return I can “pay” you with some sprite work

@1st_lieutenant_noguchi 's and my project, Legends of Avenir is looking for fully custom portraits. DM me on Discord (Snakey1#4148) some of your sprite work (or join our project Discord server), and we can go from there.

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