MS paint ate my spritesheet. Help

So I’ve been editing in usenti and switched over to paint to change the size of something. I hit safe and to my horror I see MS paint destroyed my palette.

I tried to import the palette from one of my frames but it messes up the image even further because the aren’t in the same sequence. What do?

I use Gimp for this.

This may not be necessary; then again, it may be. I honestly don’t know.
Image->Mode->Put on Indexed. If it’s already indexed, change to RGB or something and then change it back. Select “Generate Optimum Palette” and choose the maximum number of colors (16).

Then, go to Colors->Map->Rearrange Color Map. Move them around so that the transparent color is the first on the left, then hit Ok.

I think this should solve your issue.

You can also re-save your palette in a different format (ex: jpeg, png, bmp, etc). I don’t remember which one it was but different image formats interact differently with the palettes due the number and type of colors in it. I once saved a palette as a png and it resulted in the same horror as your posted image. I went back and re-save it as a bmp and everything fixed it self.

I tried this. No luck, I just copy and pasted each individual frame back into the sprite sheet.