Moving to other things

Hey all, I’ve been gone for a while.

One day, while playtesting my hack, I ran into an enormous bug that I spent several days trying to fix. After a week of testing things, I stopped completely and took a break. During this break, I was able to catch up on some much needed homework and do other things. One of these things was writing.

I started writing more seriously and built something in my head and decided to share it online with others and received more support than I had anticipated. So, all my time suddenly went to writing as this world that I had built in my mind started to expand.

I am sharing this to say that I am moving away from romhacking. I will still hang around, give feedback, maybe playtest something and make some sprites when I have the time. I might even get back into it one day.

Thanks to everyone who played my hack and looked at my other things, and look forward to more cat photos in base conversations.


I was with you all the way until this part

:cat: :framed_picture: :fire:

Good luck with the writing! Hope to see you around occasionally still :slight_smile:


I never spoke with you too often, but I’ve seen you here and on the feu server and can tell you’re a p cool guy. I wish you only the best in your writing and most of all hope that you can enjoy yourself no matter what you do.
Be safe!

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Good, don’t let your hobbies screw up your education.

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ok but feubot when


Feubot is finished as far as I know. Cam’s never told me otherwise. :man_shrugging:

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