MORETEXT command is causing in-game text to speed up?

This is during the end event of chapter 13. Prior to this, I used the MORETEXT command without a problem…but for some reason, it does occur here. The most notable difference I can see is that a sound effect had to play here while it didn’t before. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I cannot actually play the videofile, so I cannot take a look at the problem directly. Possibly delete the soundeffect to test if that solves the problem? Or it has possibly something to do with how the commands are lined up. I actually do not have much experience with FE6 events to be honest. Alternatively, you could compare the commands in the textstrings. Maybe the text that is specified in more text is just set to faster than the other text.

As I cannot really deduct what the problem is, maybe you could export and send the event file and also send the textstrings so that it can be tested on a rom directly. If the problem does not persist, then it is either another edit you made that somehow screwed up slightly(unlikely) or it is just FE6 bugging out.

There definitely seems to be something about [LoadOverworldFaces] (which I’m using for the sound effect playing) and moretext not getting along, as no rearrangements have been doing anything helpful. Fortunately I was able to avoid the issue by condensing the conversation a few lines to not use moretext at all, for now. (Most likely, I won’t need to use a sound effect again…well, not in FE6, at least.)

Chances are, I’m going to face some more issues trying to enter new conversations entirely during the end event…but that may be for another topic.