Moons of Farah Fe8 hack 0% (looking for help)

I’m planning on making a hack of course I’ll be confined to helping with sprites and writing seeing as I don’t have a computer, I’m going to need some help with maps characters and implementing everything
Discord server:

(The image is a place holder)
•A lot of chapters
•20 playable units (plus some replacement generics)
•green units who level up and stick with you until they die
•3rd-4th tier classes (it depends)
•some custom portraits
•some custom animations
•traversable world map
•3 difficulties
•medium-large map sizes
•a story written by yours truly
•and more!
Again I am going to need help so if you happen to be interested you could hop onboard (hopefully it’s not a sinking ship)

Question? What kind of characters are you hoping for exactly?

I don’t have to much of a preference as long as their interesting, I was thinking a thief lord though

So I really like fe archer but they do need a buff, is what would be a good buff that wouldn’t completely ruin game balance

poison strike paired with high HP enemies could work

Ooh good idea, I’ll keep that in mind.

Oh um I should probably add a way to contact me if you want to join the project so here’s my discord kalru#0413

Ok I was wondering if I should change the name

I’m planning on half the chapters being night chapters (meaning fog)

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I’m thinking of implementing a castle thing like in fe4 into some of the maps

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Hello so I’ve gotten the first three chapters somewhat done and I was wandering if I should post demos or just wait until it’s finished completely to post it.

It sounds like a good idea post a demo. It would help you find out what others think of your current progress, thus making it easier to figure out what to work on next and improve.