MK404 Plays Fire Emblem 404 w/ Developer's Commentary

Huh, I can’t believe this of all things is gonna be my first topic on FEU. Funny how life works!

I’m sure most of you guys are at least somewhat aware of my earliest work in this community, my first FE7 ROM Hack. It was something I made back in 2006 when I was but 16 years old, and it shows! I streamed a whole playthrough of it on Twitch last month and finally started uploading it to my YT channel.

I figured you guys would get a kick out of it since I do go into detail about the finer points of the creation process at certain points, plus it’s fun seeing how far we’ve come from one of the earliest full reskin projects! It may not be much but it did help set a precedent, no matter how slight, introduced some people to some of the series this cast contains, and made me meet lifelong friends. Even if I don’t really do much any more these days. I’ll always be glad to be a part of this community!

I’ll leave the playlist link here as I plan to upload parts to this regularly and update this topic semi-regularly until the whole of it is uploaded. If you guys have any questions not brought on by these videos feel free to share!


its nice to see you here, you were one of the first few people that got me interested in the FE and romhacking/modding community


goated ray


This was a fun watch. Lots of cool hack lore.

Thanks for doing highly requested DVD commentary


Welcome to the early days of ROM hacking in the FE Universe. This is one of Ray’s story about his history with Fire Emblem 404. This Reskin of a ROM hack is very different from your regular FE7. You remember Lyn being one of the three main characters of FE7, now prepare to meet Linoan as the main character of Lyn Mode and as your basic tutorial.

How well do you remember attempting to edit text before FEditor came around? Welcome to the age of the parser suite! Also discussed are my attempts to adapt Yggdra Union’s art style into FE and potential custom animations circa 2006 for Kid(and Linoan)!? (spoilers: neither of them were feasible back then but I have receipts!)


i remember everything as a whole being hell
especially because my dumbass decided to mod fe8 like a rebel


Give the thumbnail’s creator a raise, because Alt Kyosuke is like the best thing ever.


Let’s not forget the usage of the Gundam 00: A wakening of the Trailblazer screenshot.