[Misc.] [WIP] [SRPG Studio] Prelude to Darkness (Incomplete, 11 of 19 Chapters) (Demo now Available!)

News from within the last year has been compiled into a single space, much like the items below, in order to make way for a more organized format.

Who are you? (Introductions)

I am AmBrosiac, the leader of the Blackbourne Company putting out this project for the world to witness. I will keep it simple and straightforward for now.

What is Prelude to Darkness? (Description)

It is my first project that has withstood numerous edits to the story across a span of 4 years and only beginning development for the game within the last 2 years. It has been an intense labour of love and a struggle to stand out among the many other conceited attempts to illustrate a compelling narrative while showcasing a plethora of mechanics on an unconventional game creation software: SRPG Studio. Just know that there are already plans for a second story after this one’s completion, but that will be for another page in the future.

What does the game bring to the table? (Features)
  • 19 playable chapters, some with unique secondary or tertiary objectives in addition to their primary objective.
  • (Minor) Critical hits will only deal double damage as opposed to triple damage due to the higher frequency of them occurring, especially with foes having an equal chance as well.
  • Over 200 skills featured in this project!
  • Learn new skills by acquiring a collection of items earned by completing personalized trials, albeit each one will be short, if not similar to one-another. (10 of 14 total trial maps completed!)
  • A modest cast of up to 16 units at once, 7 of which can be summoned using purchasable items in 1 of the shops.
  • An assortment of 7 different shops featuring useful items ranging from top-o’-the-range weaponry and items to stat boosters to exclusive items with the purpose of evolving certain skills.
  • A class system that bears some semblance to any Fire Emblem-inspired games with an extra step on top of that.
  • A unique class that is capable of transforming into specific animals! Stay tuned!

Where can I find the game? (Download)
  • There
  • Survey
    The v0.3 Demo for this month is officially available now along with the corresponding survey, but future patches and demos may be exclusively found on the Blackbourne Company’s Discord server.

Where can I find your Discord? (Discord)
  • The Blackbourne Company This is where much of the magic of production comes in, albeit dull to start. We are always in need of helping hands.

Anything worth showing us? (Screenshots)

New ones will come in time, but there are a few within the “Old News” section you can look at to get an idea.

Anything to iron out? (Known Issues)

When a public beta test demo is released, I will compile them as I am informed of them.

Need a hand? (Help)

In its current state, all kind of help is needed, and you can look on the server for specific areas that fit your skill set.

Old News (September 2019 to August 2020)

It has been a really long time since I’ve ever said anything here, but I’d like to let everyone know that this project o’ mine is currently in the remaking. Of course, it’ll be the first in a series chronicling the 5 years before the end of all across the continents of Consus and Salacia. Anyways, what can be expected from the games themselves:

  • A Class System similar to what is found in Fates (A choice to change into extra classes) with partial inspiration from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. (No items needed here though.)
  • Custom Portraits (That point is rather debatable but more or less hoping to include in the future.)
  • A series of skills based on what can be found in Fire Emblem games, plus some new ones.
  • A whole new adventure. (I hope.)

That should about wrap things up. Please look forward to the intermittent updates broadcasted along this thread.

Update (10/27/2019): I have managed to get weapon ranks on here along with plans to include Combat Arts (Not final though.) Look forward to further development updates!

Update (11/05/2019, 21:45 MST): A summoning mechanic has been perfected and will be present in the final product. It does not happen instantly, but instructions on how to summon will be as concise as possible. Also, an abundance of skills shall be available for a facility to customize almost every unit in the game so far. As always, look forward to further updates!

Update (11/17/2019, 09:09 MST): A public test trial will begin after this year’s FEE3 Farewell ceremony has concluded, and the trial will last until the 14th of December. A link to the survey will be included in the files.

Update (11/22/2019, 13:55 MST): A test trial is ready and it can be found below right away.

Update (01/27/2020, 21:07 MST): Many new features have been implemented or retracted, and another test demo will be published soon. Look forward to that very soon.

Update (07/26/2020, 01:07 MDT): Being that it has been a while, one of the mechanics in question ended up coming out half-baked. Besides the progression of the story, that mechanic has since been under reconstruction and it will be showcased in FEE3 2020, I hope. Look forward to seeing it then.

Update (08/07/2020, 21:18 MDT): The above image is outdated and Combat Arts will not be included in the final build. However, the teased feature has been remodeled and it may be featured in FEE3 2020; if not, then it will be put to the test with a playtest demo in the future.
Stat Screen Proficiency


Update: Many new features have been implemented and some changes were made to the resources. Expect more of those changes in the future.
Also, a link to the game will be publicly provided when it’s completed. (Expect updates should anything arise.)


The main post has been significantly altered in light of the project itself being featured for FEE3 2020.


A link to the server has now been provided, but do note that it’s been bare since I had to do some…pruning. Later today, a public test demo will be ready and available.

There is a public test Demo available now!