hello i have one request someone can make the
mini for is faces



Can you show the portraits? I can make them.

No you’re supposed to make them without knowing what they look like


^ jjj

Hello someone can make is Please

Did you ask the creator for permission to use these?
Iirc these were used in MK404’s FE7 Hack but don’t quote me on that.

They look like Ray’s art style. Lemme check the Rom since I’m a scumbag anyways

@Nuramon his FE8 hack, get it right man, jesus always messing up. If he had permission to use them though, he wouldn’t need someone to make minis, so he’s basically asking us to help him steal art

Yeah those are mine. I never really intended them to be used for any other project.

ok sorry for use wiuth permision you can give me the permision for use is?

Nah, sorry. They’re pretty old anyway so bleh.

well close enough. Was only one digit off xD

ok thank and i sorry