Mini-map tiles

Fire Emblem - the Binding Blade - Beta.emulator
So, I’m hoping to fill in some blanks here. The mini-map is generated automatically based on the terrain type of each tile on your map.
The unused terrain types in the game’s files though don’t have any mini-map tiles assigned to them. Therefore, if you had a bunch of “Churches”, “C.Rooms” etc. on your map, you’d find your mini-map was full of holes…
Fire Emblem - the Binding Blade - Beta.emulator
Does anyone know how I could go about changing this? Is there a way of altering what tiles are assigned to each terrain type?
I assume there’s a table somewhere that controls this - but I’m not sure what I could do to try and find it.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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FE8U 080A83D0 //CopyMiniMapTerrainChips
This function seems to be reading the tileset image.

However, the order of the images is a little different from the order of the map chips in the tile set.
More research is needed on how to extract data from images.


Well, it’s a start! Thanks!

Looks like all the unused tiles are assigned the first blank spot on the tile sheet.
That transparent tile is also used as filler around the unit icons to make up an 8x8 square.
Fire Emblem - the Binding Blade - Beta.emulator

The map seems to also be regenerated on the fly as units move around the map.
Fire Emblem - the Binding Blade - Beta2

Just some initial findings whilst messing around.

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