Min-Max Emblem (V0.8) - The Sequel to Cancer Emblem! (But it's actually good this time)


And I’ve try 5 emulators (3 on pc, 2 on android) by import my save via battery file so i am absolutely sure that is not emulator issue


You have to restart the game if you use the new rom version.


Got it. Re-download,re-patch then speedrun until that chapter and i will inform you later


Re-played until that chapter again( chap 13 -landing on Taizel blah blah) and it fucking happens again.

From that chapter onward, if u play story chapter then your char’s stats will fuck up unless you restart and play Skirmishes or Tower ( haven’t tested Lagdou ruin yet, will use phase code to play story until Lagdou ruin appear to see what happens).

I think something wrong with the story chapter but i am no hacker to really understand what happen


Btw grinding Tethys by spamming dance in Tower 1 and suddenly



@Kirb I have no idea what this error would be caused by.


First time i actually felt challenge in FE:TSS.


some enemies have incredibly high resistance… rip ewan my fav magic unit


That’s probably the old bug. Did you download the new version posted in the op a couple days ago?

Edit: Actually, YOU made it to Ewan’s chapter. That’s past chapter 13, isn’t it? Did you have any glitches like what StreetHero suffered?


I downloaded it today from the OP.
About Ewan, i said “RIP Ewan” in the fact that he won’t be of much use if the enemies continue with that much resistance, haven’t actually reached Ewan’s chapter yet


It’s bugged still, then. This is what I posted further up the topic. Character RES bugs out.

See: This topic.