Min-Max Emblem (V0.8) - The Sequel to Cancer Emblem! (But it's actually good this time)

I thought I made it work but it’s been a while. I’ll have a look in FEB to see what’s wrong.

-And I’m not sure if nullify work-

It’s in there.

Again thank for recheck. I guess I’ll wait until knight crest appear

Well Fatih can promote but Sain cannot ( I’ve tried everything i can) i guess because fuck me, that’s why :sob:

You’re using the last game version I uploaded, right?

Yeah, the one in the Op i guess

will this work with randomizers?

Definitely should.

UPDATE: I applied Kirb’s newest patch to the OP. This fixes that RES bug!

This game is now bug-free once again and I can continue adding classes and stuff like I originally planned. All praise Kirb!

Note that I am too busy to do any significant work on this game, but soon… soon I shall return to it.

Duessel has – move so i can’t recruit Cormag (Sorry to be a nuisance)

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Can you send me your save file?

Here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SQvxzZBei_YzfdBMvJW-CoMdtd05-u9C/view?usp=drivesdk

Btw if you can add character like Sain please add Echidna with her fe6 portrait, class, growth and animation then i will be grateful (if you can’t, it’s ok no harm done)

That save doesn’t work for me. Glitches my game. I believe the latest ROM I created with Kirb’s thing uses a new save system. Old saves literally won’t work.

No on second thought this is totally normal.

I guess because i use John gba (an emulator for Android) so it does use old save system

(“Fuckin hell in a vagina’s dick” in Vietnamese)

I can’t even…

Is this the new version? Did you restart? Are you using an old save?

Your post gives me almost nothing to work with.

Version 0.85? Check
Restart (soft and hard)? Check
Save? The same which i give you
The game just hate me
P/s: i meet that god damn bug in chapter when you recruit Ewan & Marisa ( don’t remember the name)
And when i pick different unit, everyone that haven’t been benched will fuck their stats

And I’ve try 5 emulators (3 on pc, 2 on android) by import my save via battery file so i am absolutely sure that is not emulator issue