Min-Max Emblem (V0.8) - The Sequel to Cancer Emblem! (But it's actually good this time)

This is the sequel to Cancer Emblem. The difference is, the hack actually had work put into it. I think you’ll all find it very interesting.

The premise behind this hack is more complex than Cancer Emblem. In this one, every class has a very overpowered build attached to them for very niche circumstances. There are natural counters to every build, and you have to play around to find out what those counters are.

Additionally, this goes for the enemies as well.

Enemies have their own skills you must work to overcome.

There are some other additions, as well. I added in several new animations, tweaked up how a few classes worked (Particularly the Phantom, the Demon King, and Lyon…) and am planning to add more.

Cancer Emblem was a meme hack, and this one is too, sort of… but not really. I think you’ll all find it very interesting to play with more than meets the eye.

Version 0.85: Dropbox - MinMax Emblem.ups - Simplify your life


Yes but who has dazzlelunge

Fighters! All the fighters do :smiley:

That’s funny because in the gif it says he has acrobat :thinking:

Oh right, that description is bugged. I’ll try and fix it.

fix your shit

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Someone sent me this and it is everything I wanted it to be.


… how, just how.

Seth decided to seek refuge in the mountain to ensure that he wouldn’t steal an ounce of EXP from the party. Quite noble.


You merely adopted the Chaos. I was born into it, moulded by it.

Have to ask, how did you record those gifs?

ShareX. Record a gif, click inside mGBA and boom, you’re recording. EZ.

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Added a new version to the OP, Version 0.81.

-Changed the Mercenary and Hero skills completely (They originally had all the Seal skills, which was dumb since that’s the Soldier’s niche)
-Fixed several minor things
-Added a couple troll enemies on Chapters 2 and 5.
-Edited a few enemy classes for the sake of diversifying the enemy army. 50 brigands is boring!

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Added a new version. It changes exactly one byte in the rom, but that byte was so, soooo important. Before, when you promoted, the game would not give you the skills of the new class. Instead, only the second skill would swap out.

Now, it works properly.

Ross before.

Ross after for all three promotions.

Thanks to Leonarth for solving this, well, ‘bug’ for me!

New version is out! Version 0.85 is here!

I tweaked several class skills, adjusted several class stats, added a new promotion (or two) for soldiers, all three trainees, and varied up their skills a bunch as well.

Thanks to Tequila, I’ve been able to see some of the midgame effects of my changes, but I haven’t the time to play to the endgame so I’ll need testers to tell me what happens when stats get really inflated and outta control.

Also, monsters have been buffed. Revenants have 5 movement, knights have 5 as well, and there are some other changes that were relatively minor, yet also somewhat important.


Well, bad news.

I think in the latest version I uploaded, since I expanded the class array, it broke the save system or something. This is the exact same bug that killed FE7CM’s progress, and it’s because I added classes past FE7’s limits. Even Kirb’s 255 classes patch didn’t stop this from happening.

If you don’t see the issue, look at character RES stats. They’re way waaaay higher than they should be.


Fighter/Warrior’s dazzle/acrobat descriptions is still bugged (my character’s resistance still normal though)

Btw how am i supposed to promote Sain?

I believe sain promotes with the knight crest and also the earth seal/master seal. Do those not work?

Earth seal didn’t work(just blackscreen no promotion scene or something) , may be because i use codebreaker or just my luck. Gonna test knight crest