Militiaquest / The Freeswords

I’ve done the deep dive, stopped lurking, made an account, and have drawn up a map with admittedly repugnant mountains so Hi!
I played Iron Emblem recently and was heavily inspired by Relic’s work. I love love love “nobodies in both name and stats take on the world” as a concept and that hack lit a fire in me. I am, however, notably worse at fire emblem than the type of people who can get past chapter 6 onwards in Iron Emblem without savestates, and I have a couple ideas with the assembly knowledge from real life work to maybe make it a reality

So, enough of the preface. I’m going to try and make a Fire Emblem hack about a motley crew of villagers, driven from their homes, learning to defend themselves and even defending others in the process. Your crew will start as a bunch of trainee classes (I intend to try and construct some custom ones in addition to the villagers/trainees that will make up the starting militia). I am also debating implementing a light crafting system via an additional menu on the prep screen or supply screen or something, but thats if I end up getting really ambitious. Trying to keep my expectations realistic so this might actually be finished one day.

I would love feedback on this idea/advice on things as I discuss more!


welcome and goodluck in your endeavors. Vision Quest is another popular hack that has a similar beginning to yours, so I’d check that out for some inspirations.

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Vision Quest is actually how I got introduced to this forum! Such an amazing hack. I’m talking about more than just backstory, though. These characters are going to have pretty garbage starting stats and lackluster growths, and then develop over time via items/training/events/crafting???/etc. No idea how well that’ll pan out/if people will like it, but it appeals to me

Sounds great, I would like to try it out sometime!

Cool to see someone who is so inspired by my own hack! If I may have some advice, I feel that trainees tend to spiral out of control very easily if they join early, as the exp gain makes even lower growths pretty volatile. The exception would be trainees with really accentuated weaknesses and strengths, so maybe go for something like that.

Also I’d recommend before even getting ideas for a crafting system to get a rough demo of maybe 3-5 chapters, as soon as you can. Story is pretty unnecessary that early on, too. Not much other feedback to give without a concrete product, I’d say.

You and me both. I think I mentioned this in my own thread, but the reason that hack even exists is because of an offhand remark pandan made that made me want the hack so bad I created it myself. Welcome to the community!


Yea, I’m going to be making custom “trainee” classes with their experience rates set to be more reasonable. I’ll definitely take the low growth thing in mind, but I do want to try and match the “playable characters as equals to enemies” method as well. So that will take some tweaking
As for the crafting system, yea as I’m getting into this I’m just going to the trainee idea first and see where I get from there. I’ll be saving that one for when I have some more experience under my belt, but some ideas I came up with in the process will definitely come through… not sure how people feel about new custom weapons that aren’t uniques, but we’ll see how it goes.