Merlinus disable on certain chapters

Is it possible to disable Merlinus on certain chapters? What I mean is the dialogue that pops up asking if you want to deploy Merlinus. Is there anyway to disable that for certain chapters? He doesn’t show up in the prep screen like a normal character would so the character forcers and stuff doesn’t work. Does editing the coordinates in nightmare have anything to do with this? Sometimes when I edit the coordinates, merlinus still appears in the same location despite changing the coordinates. Ex. In chapter 19xx, merlinus’s default location is 3,0 but when I changed it to 13,28; he’s still at 3,0. So I can’t tell if changing his coordinates messes with the character blocker/forcer or not.

Go into the chapter data editor for the chapter in question. Set his starting x coordinate to 255 and y coordinate to 0. Presto.

That is some magic. But is Merlinus hardcored to appear on 3,0 in 19xx? The nightmare setting works for the other chapters but doesn’t seem to do the trick for 19xx.

Dumb question, but are you sure you changed it for for Hector mode and Eliwood mode?

Yeah, I’m sure. Does EM and HM coordinates have to be the same or something? But regardless, I got stumped and started working on other things. All I did was just change the text in one text slot and update a map I inserted by adding wall/snag tile layers and Merlinus was no longer bugged. This is what confuses me, does fixing a map and changing a text really interfere with things like that?