Merlinus animations in FE6

I’ve seen this answered for FE7, but not for FE6. Anyone know what pointers to change to allow Merlinus to have animations in FE6?

Animations are hardcoded to not play for him in that game too? I thought he just does not have any.

Changing him to any other class still doesn’t allow animations. I’m sure it probably works exactly like in FE7 and I just need to change some pointer somewhere, I just don’t know which one :thinking:

There’s checks for his character ID at 49AD0 and 49ADA, so just write C0 46 to both locations (and give him a proper animation list).


Odd bless, Tequila. Thank you.

Is this by editing it in the hex editor right?


I thought it would be more versatile to change the upper address unit ID.


That would work too.