MemeTzar's Kewl Tunes

The name is MemeTzar and I been a longtime lurker. To put it bluntly I like music. So far all I done is make some songs FE GBA compatible and ported music from Final Fantasy V. I recently made a custom song that will be uploaded tomorrow once I work out some kinks.

Heart of Fire
Best Belmont in my opinion

I made “Heart of Fire” from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow compatible with GBA. Had fun with this one honestly.

Heart of Fire Remix, Those of Us, Final Fantasy 1 Battle Theme
Lost my JRPG cherry to this

What a cute Girl

I found this remix on VG Music by William Ascenzo. This gives me chills. It really is suitable for a final boss theme. “Those With Us” is from Fire Emblem Fates Revelations. I’m making it for my friend Telos for his hack. A bit difficult, but I’ll figure something out. FF1 Battle theme is for my personal use. Easy MIDI to make compatible.

Coming Soon
The Last Step by Memetzar

Got 'em


What did I just read


The ravings of a mad communist

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