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24 Songs!! Free To Use!!

Sup’ I have composed 23 songs that are compatible with FE 8’s native instrument patch. All these songs are original and free to use. They are also free to edit. Just credit me ok? :wink: I like to organize my work in Acts and upload my previews in YouTube videos. Thx for checking this topic out btw.
PS. I also left some commentary on how the songs were made
in each Act Google Drives File Music theory wise for those who seek to improve their skills

Act I

S Files
Here you go
Preview Youtube Video

Song List
  1. The Start of An Adventure
  2. The Journey
  3. Fun Character Theme
  4. Heroic Character Theme
  5. Calm Character Theme
  6. March of the Comrades
  7. Goliath
  8. Far Away Winds
  9. Rattle Em’
  10. Destroy Them
  11. The Dark Symphony
  12. Hopeless
  13. The Deserted Desert
  14. A Man’s Battle
  15. Calm Winds
  16. The Land of Nippon
  17. La Finale
  18. Disturbed Winds
  19. The Swordmaster
  20. Sakura Trees
  21. Redemption
  22. Triumphant March
  23. Atrocities
  24. Bad Guys!!
Mood When Making Act I

Pretty Much

Criticism is Welcome

Demo Reel


This is very impressive!
I’d recommend you upload these to the Music Repository too, so more people can see (or rather hear) these.


Hey y’all. I decided to provide a service to the community and be a composer for hire. I’m willing to be paid in premium exposure! (just been really bored) So if y’all have any projects that needs custom music I’m willing to help out. I have backgrounds in orchestral, jazz, and rock. I can do FE8 stuff and if you’re doing a project that can use mp3s I am very well prepared for more professional stuff. I’ll leave a link to my demo reel here and in the main post.
My Demo Reel

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