Max Units that can be deployed on Map

Hello everyone, I wanted to make a Truly Huge battle with like 50 units per side, 50 blue, 50 green and 50 red. It Turns out it is impossible. But what is the True Limit? I can only have like 60 Units In total, but as far as I remember good old Blazer made it so he could Load 97 Units in Total in Sacred Contention…
How did he do it? And does the Map Size makes you have Less deployable Units?
Also, Class list is expanded to 0x85

It should be 50 enemies, 20 iothers, and some number of allies. The game loads up to 50 but when you get more than a certain number, it starts being glitchy? Also, total number of map sprites is limited by vram space, I think.


I’m not exactly sure how many before the ear-killing, like 48 enemies, and 20 allies, also I have 3 Ballistas, maybe I should remove them for it to work a bit better?


Ballistae are traps and have nothing to do with the units.
You can load 20 allies, but only 10 will survive a suspend/resume.


Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s 10 (I was gonna expand it to 20 in a hack lol that I never finished)

You mean NPC?

Could you expand it a bit more :P?

Suspend hack :soon:

No I haven’t been working on it for like a year and a half

Pretty sure adding ballistae would affect the whole limit on map sprites in VRAM.

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That has nothing to do with the limit of units though… you can have the same units event if they look wrong, or just have all of them have the same sprite