Max level cap and minimum for promotion?

Hey there, how you do? Good? Good. No, this is not a topic for the questions category.

So yeah here’s 2 odd questions. What should be a general cap of Lv Ups in a FE GBA hack?

And what should be the minimum for promotion if you answer?

The questions are tricky due to what the community wants and what his creator wants.

I’ve been playing SNES FE4 and want to pass on Thracia, and I’ve seen an interesting mechanic on those games that not other Fire emblem has, yet I have to play Path of Radiance (No spoilers plz).

Lv up cap in FE4 & 5 is 30 for all classes, Lv 20 is for promotion, and taking that FE4 & 5 are long maps with massive reinforcements and strong tanky enemies it’s easy to see the massive cap of level ups and promotion (along with skills like paragon, GBA name, here it’s elite). But the FE GBA games are kinda short compared to SNES FEs in terms of X Y long maps.

There’s a patch that allows the units in game double the 30 cap but breaks the save game in exchange, so promoted units can be broken at the end with no stat boosters.

Would be good to change the level cap of 20 for 30 and increase the promotion Lv to 20 like the SNES FEs for future hacks? Bad units can become good units with 10 lv ups more than 20?

I want to read your thoughts on this.

Uh, I think you’ve made a couple misunderstandings here.
While FE4 does have a level cap of 30, level is not reset after promotion, so strictly speaking, there’s less levels available than with the 20/20 system.
FE5 has standard 20/20 levels, does not have especially large maps, or statistically strong enemies (part of this being due to stat caps).
The breaksave patch that doubles stat caps is kinda outdated, isn’t it? EMS has mostly replaced it.

oh I forgot that, the FE4 does not reset the level after promotion. Even so and the patch, yes, is still outdated, but here hoping for the creators to upgrade it.
But hypothetically speaking of all of this. Would be good or bad?


“Bad units” still need to get exp and if you have a character reaching level 20 to begin with then they’re probably not bad, or you’re hellbent on using them regardless.

Meanwhile promoting earlier can make a mediocre unit better by virtue of improved movement, arsenal, and potentially skills.

It also depends on the length of the game. Sacred Stones could frankly have done with a lower cap for tier 1 units given how short it is.

Sacred Stones is probably the best game for the 20/30 promotion because how short the game is and how enemies don’t really get tougher excluding “certain” Lagdou Ruin enemies.

Other people like promoting early, especially clerics and stuff so raising the cap to 20 might be mean. But personally I’ve almost never promoted before 20, and I’ve played almost every FE game save original FE1-3. It just never seemed worth it to me.

In my hack I decided to go a slightly different route at promoting at 20 with a max level of 40 that doesn’t reset. So you aren’t punished for not master sealing your units asap. And you can choose just not to promote for a more entertaining challenge without being punished hard. Also I feel like power levels is more fun to look at / be feared when a boss early on is like lv35.

In Vanilla, we can Promotion at level 10.
It’s fine to promote at Lv10, or not to promote until you reach the maximum Lv level.
I think that’s a player’s strategy.

In my game, I did the following.
Players can raise it to lv 31.
It goes up to Lv 20 without much difficulty, but after Lv 20, the exp available drops rapidly.
Therefore, you can Promote early at this point, or you can Promote at lv 31.
My game gets a lot of statboosters, so it doesn’t make much difference in the end if you go with either.

Also, depending on the game, there are some games where you can do Promotion again after Protmoion.
(Even in Vanilla in FE8, trainee can Protmoion 3 times.)

Some games have a job change system.
There is also a system that allows you to experience different classes to raise your status limit.

There are also items in Vanilla that lower your lv.
Similarly, you can create an item to reset your lv to 1 by having the same class promote you.

For a game that has such a unique system, the discussion of when to do Promotion itself becomes meaningless. lol.