Matthieu's Sprites

Hello everyone, I’m new to FEU.

First of all, I apologize if I do anything wrong, or if my syntax or grammar is imperfect.
Then, I’m not very active, so if you respond to my post, there could be a long time before I reply.
Furthermore, I am currently studying and school is taking a lot of my time and effort, being the cause of the point above so I just do this as a hobby during the holidays, I’m not a spriter at all and don’t intend to be one so please don’t ask me submissions because I will not do them.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the real topic.
I want to make a ROM Hack, however, I lack the skill of doing it and the time as well, you will probably notice a large number of playable characters which is due to the story being separate into 4 parties, adding to the complexity of my project being overly ambitious.
Still, I made some GBA portraits by splicing and wanted to share them.

I have to give credit to TheFlyingMinotaur (on Reddit) for making the Fire Emblem Portrait Maker that I have been using as a base to make most of my characters, the link to his following post here: Fire Emblem Portrait Maker: Now with More Sprites!.

I also need to thank the user 7743 for making FEBuilder GBA and for helping me with this software.

Here are the characters, I might add more in the future, if you have any advice, comments, feedback, or anything regarding those (the characters used, their personality, backstory), please feel free to contact me on Discord (Matthieu#4396) even though I might not answer your message in the shorter delays.
They are not free to use or edit but you can contact me and we can probably arrange this issue if needed.

  • Playable characters (arranged by importance for the first ones then by classes)
    Monica Monica, Lord & main character
    Julian Julian, Lance Lord & main character
    Louisiane Louisiane, Dancer & main character
    Matthieu Matthieu, Mage & main character
    Dorian Dorian, Mercenary & main character
    Nils Nils, Wyvern Rider & main character
    Evan Evan, Archer & main character
    Léo Léo, Priest & main character
    Ariane Ariane, Myrmidon
    Leeloo Leeloo, Swordmaster
    Ulrich Ulrich, Swordmaster
    Toto Tomas “Toto”, Thief
    Jinia Jinia, Thief
    Drake Drake, Assasin
    Cathia Cathia, Rogue
    Ledenon Ledenon, Mercenary
    Rocco Rocco, Hero
    Damocles Damocles, Hero
    Isabelle Isabelle, Paladin
    Regis Regis, Cavalier
    Joey Joey, Cavalier
    Quentin Quentin, Armored Knight
    Gret Gret, Soldier
    Nathanaelle Nathanaelle, Halberdier
    Dimitrov Dimitrov, Fighter
    Geralt Geralt, Warrior
    Nick Nick, Pirate
    Yumi Yumi, Archer
    Jeff -X 4G Jeff, Sniper
    Candice Candice, Pegasus Knight
    Stephen Stephen, Wyvern Rider
    Laurie Laurie, Mage
    Xavier Xavier, Mage Knight
    Suzanne Suzanne, Cleric
    Clover Clover, Troubadour
    Safria Safria, Walkyrie
    Bastian Bastian, Great Knight

  • NPCs
    Rick Rick, Pirate (Reskin)
    Rock Rock, Pirate (Reskin)
    Walter Walter

  • Enemies
    Brigand Boss Brigand Boss, Brigand
    Irtus Irtus, Armored Knight
    Altamira Altamira, Swordmaster
    Ed Ed, Warrior
    Ponce Ponce, Hero
    Ruben Ruben, Halberdier (Reskin)
    Daneld Daneld, Wyvern Lord
    Leroy Leroy, Paladin

Regarding the following characters:

  • Matthieu: Sharing my name, they could be considered as a self insert so I might change that in the future.
  • Cathia: I wonder if her forehead is too big.
  • Isabelle: One of my first characters ever being an Isadora recolor, I added a ponytail and moved her slightly to the left to match the requiring box.
  • Jeff: His hat was too big and didn’t fit in the requiring box so I had to scrap it, here is what he originally looked like
  • Safria: One of my first characters ever being a Leila Reskin, I added some makeup.
  • Bastian: One of my first characters ever being a Murdock Recolor, I added some scars to make him unique.

I deliberately not shown every character to avoid major spoilers in case my project could come to an end but bear in mind that there is more. But if you’re intrigued, I can tell you there are at least 3 units per class line.

Thanks for reading me.


Welcome to FEU! If you’re ever interested in getting dedicated help on any of these (I’d totally help you with Jeff if I had the knowledge, that hat is amazing), or you just have an insatiable lust for more knowledge of everything or you just want to meet the best user of FEU ObsidianDaddy, you can join our Discord server! Although, you might already be there and I might be goofing because it’s 2:30 AM.

Lots of these, much like everything else the Portrait Maker tends to create, are shoddy at best and at other times the neck decides to just not exist. FEU’s many portrait makers, like Busk or Obsidian would be really well suited to making these more unique than the maker’s. I love the colors you’ve chosen for many of them!

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First of all, thank you very much for your reply.
I joined the FEU server. No, I wasn’t on the server before, and regarding time, I might not live in the same region as you so don’t worry about it.
Then, as I wrote before, I’m not very active generally so I will respond whenever I can, and I’m still on holiday until this sunday so I will do my best to be active while I can.
Also, regarding Jeff’s hat, I cannot receive the merit of this work considering it was already in the portrait maker so TheFlyingMinotaur was probably the one who did it, actually I only spliced it and recreating it on the mini portrait but thank you regardless.

Thank you once again, I hope to see you sometime on the server, have a nice day, until next time.