Mass of Dumbstuff

So I randomly got access to my old harddrive and I’m not saving like anything from it, but I had a lot of weird conceptual ideas that I may or may not go back to in the future and anyone is welcome to steal them if they need an idea that’s poor and can be built upon.

Keep in mind that I may be repetitive, I’m literally opening folders and giving my initial reaction as I type this.

Something about some knights of a kingdom called Duval? Princess named Vienna(probably eirika lord?), General named Remalda(falcoknight), Lord character named Esner, knight guy named Victor.
Prologue reminds me of FE9’s prologue, so clearly I was original.
All the stats seem very… low. Like the highest non-hp/con stat on the lord is 5 and he’s doing fine.
Pretty sure this was going in the direction of someone attacks the castle when Esner, Victor, Remalda, and someone else, who knows, goes out on patrol since that was the motivation for extra training. Looking at the palette sheet I made, there’s a PC axe armor(victor I assume), archer, eirika lord(vienna), soldier, mage, troubadour, sorcerer, female nomad, and prepromo hero. Vienna probably turns bad since I see an enemy falcoknight with her hair color. Something tells me all of these ideas are going to be this bad lol
chapter 1 map:
this is the training map I was talking about
chapter 4 map(idk where 2 and 3 are):
cav boss who knows who that is, archer dude is here, remalda looks playable so maybe she gets corrupted or something. town looks destroyed, probably the duval castle thing mentioned earlier
i don’t have a goddamn clue why the fuck there are so many enemies. grey units are reinforcements, looks like there are monsters attacking the castle, dunno where the PCs are though
the names are highlighted because I’m trying to stop laughing at them
looks like it’s listing victor and remalda as ch1 bosses, dumbass fighter name for ch2 boss, and dumbass merc for ch3 boss. everyone else looks like a PC(they have growths)

that looks like everything
more sprites?


looks like some game where the bandits are the main characters and red units are good/blue units are bad.
here’s the script of chapter 1, no pictures this time
oh wait here are chapters
ch1(you are red)
ch2??? (you are blue, i don’t think this was finished)
they have palettes it looks like; I think the archer and thief switched genders

moving on

main character is a retired army tactician, hates war and wants nothing to do with it
country is allied with one country and doesn’t exactly trust another(lets go with renais, frelia, and grado)
frelia and grado dislike each other as well
frelia is reliable, but a much weaker country fighting-wise, however they make up for it in numbers and other various ways
grado isn’t very reliable, but a very strong country with very strong units and weapons, but they’re more expensive
renais can only ally with one country in the impending war(we’ll call the other country… daien)
lazy main character is called to arms by renais, resists and first, then finally agrees under a mercenary contract(they’re paid)
renais is divided on who they should ally with in the war against daien, grado and frelia both send representatives.
mc is asked to break the tie based on his experience and knowledge of both countries

–[frelia chosen]–
stuff happens

–[grado chosen]–
stuff happens

prologue characters:
Miguel -
Allard - Axe Knight, Level 2, Iron Axe
Rodger - Bow Knight, Level 2, Iron Bow, Vulnerary
countries represent the 7 deadly sins it looks like:
Rayleo 1: Pride
-initally refuses to allow other countries assist in taking on #4
-thinks of themselves as the best country
Mayleble 2: Envy
Guthral 3: Greed
Onaride 4: Gluttony
Kazastaz 5: Sloth
Weipa 6: Wrath
Viestach 7: Lust

I don’t think there was anything else for this one

that’s all I could find, maybe i’ll run into more idk

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