Mark of the Dragon (Lex Talionis) 9/15 Chapters

I think when I have the time I might try to change the skin tones a bit, but leave the other colours as they are, and see how that works out. Thanks for weighing in! :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! An update is coming in the next few weeks, so here is some of what to expect!
Meet Tove. Tove likes to steal stuff, so she’s been hanging out with a pirate crew run by the notorious Turid. She’s been dying to get out of there though. Perhaps the player can be her ticket out?
This is Turid. Turid likes to trap ships by her little island. So guess what. She does! Enter the player on their little ship. I think you can figure out what happens.

Actual list of things coming in update:
-Chapter 6, where the player ship gets trapped on Turid’s pirate island. Can the player destroy the boat trap before they are overwhelmed by pirates?
-A new character, Tove - Thief.
-2 new support conversations.
-Some character stat tweaks.
-Dialogue overhaul for chapter 2.
-Several small tweaks and improvements.

Old saves should still be compatible with the coming update, but some early game tweaks obviously won’t apply in that case, such as items added in earlier chapters, and stat tweaks of characters the player has already recruited.

Stay tuned!


Hello all. In the last few days, incredibly stressful events have happened in my life. And so, even though the next release is nearly finished (I was planning to finish and release it this weekend) I will have to postpone it while I deal with these things.

I am sad to say this. Thank you for your patience.

I will be back as soon as my life allows it :slight_smile:


I am back and the 6 chapter version is finally done! As previously stated this version (V 0.3.0) adds a new chapter, a new recruitable character, new supports, some rewritten dialogue and many smaller tweaks, fixes and additions. Old saves should work if you copy them into the save folder, but you might miss out on some smaller tweaks this way.

Here is the link, you can also find it in the updated original post!
-Link removed, newer version can be found in original post, and in the newest post-

Chapter 6 finds our party on their way to the Sidenian capital, when they have to take shelter on a small island from a storm. The island is infested with pirates however, who trap our heroes ship and assault them! Can they break their ship free before it is too late!?

I hope someone enjoys this and please let me know what you think, or if you encounter any issues!


Since Mark of the Dragon is being showcased soon, I am celebrating this with a new release!

In it you should find a total of 7 chapters, a new character (bringing us up to7), lots of tweaks and fixes, and hopefully a more enjoyable experience overall!

Here is the link to download the new version!
-Link removed, newer version in original post, and in the newest post-

If you play it, please share your thoughts and opinions :slight_smile:


My game is being showcased today! Big thanks to @BigMood for a great LP!


Fueled by the FEE3 showcase, I am working on the next update. I have decided to slow the game down a bit by slightly lowering the xp gain in comparison to FEGBA. After the next release I am keen to see how this is receieved.
Also I am adding some things to chapter 2. After looking at the showcase I found that it is a bit empty, so hopefully this will help. One of these things is a new character, joining in chapter 2.
My plan is also to add a new chapter in between chapter 2 and the current chapter 3, fleshing out the early game a bit.
Among these things of course, I hope to add some more supports, conversations and library entries to help flesh the game out, and add more character and context!

I look forward to seeing how these things work out!

A peek at the new character, Nyoka!

All the best!


Another week, another progress post.

One of the things I have added for next release is the ability to skip the tutorial. Hopefully this will make life less frustrating! Also all hints should properly turn off now if you turn them off.

Additionally I have been reworking some of the earlier portraits. Katla and Brandt for example now have much more natural colours. They were starting to stick out in a bad way. There are still others that do, and they will be fixed as well.

These are the old portraits.

And here are the new ones!

Much better!

Well that’s all I’m showing off for now. Gotta keep some secrets for funsies. I hope you enjoyed this update, sponsored by myself.

Good day.


Yet another weekly update. New release is getting closer. New chapter is coming along. In it our heroes encounter a Danalian Vanguard ambushing a Sidenian patrol, and they get caught up in the fight! Some nifty rewards might appear to those who are crafty as well.

Also, enter these two.

Ivy and Geir, Armour Knight and Skirmisher.
Returning to their patrol only to find a battle taking place, our heroes might have to dash to save them both…

Anywhoo, we’re getting closer to the next release, and I estimate only a few more weeks, should everything go according to plan.

I hope you enjoyed this brief update, now I’ve got to get back to work on this!

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Greetings all. Work has continued at a slow pace, as I have been ill for over a week. However the new chapter is almost finished, and there is just some writing that needs to be done. That said, still being ill, it still might not be finished for a while. But It should not be too long!

Radio silence explained, Zebbmann out.


A new release is upon us! This christmas release is the 0.45 version and updates include:

-A whole new chapter, bringing the total up to 8! This new chapter however, is number 3, pushing the old number 3 and everything after it up a number. This will unfortunately break all old saves that have progressed past chapter 3. The map for this new chapter is very heavily based on one map shared by @ZoramineFae so all credits for the map design of this map go to them. Zoramine, if I misunderstood your thread and this is not okay, then please let me know and I will change it.
-3 new characters! Nyoka, Ivy and Geir, who are all shown above.
-The tutorial is now skippable!
-A few new support convos.
-I have started adding some library entries to the base menu. Most of them just have placeholder text for now, but a few are finished!
-Other tweaks and fixes that I forget.

-Link removed, see link in original post, and in newest post-

Please let me know what you think! (Pretty please?)


I hope you don’t mind the bump but I really enjoyed this demo so I decided to cover my thoughts on it.

Overall Impressions:
I won’t be too critical about the portraits but I do find that a tad jarring compared to what I’m used to. You are aware of the consistency and I would be inclined to say that perhaps leaning toward the brighter sprites to mesh better with the NPC portraits and the area maps may be the way to go. But that is just me.

I like the trainee units a good deal, they take a while to come into their own but by Chapter 7 Katla is very good for me, but I used the fixed growths because I like that feature.

The writing is very strong. I enjoy having the main cast having a good say and the writing feels fairly grounded even for a game about slicing troupes of bandits. I like the setting of a refugee group.

For the map impressions I played on Hard Casual, although I didn’t lose any units.

Map Impressions:
Chapter 1 -
I enjoy the frentic pace, getting everyone out of the town and beating it. Relying on your Soldier and the small damage everyone else can do.

Chapter 2 -
I think this is the worst level of the game because this is where you want to train your trainees the most but there is no reliable healing and the forts heal too slow. If I rush I absolutely lose units so I turtle, and it ends up being the chapter where I spend 60 turns because I keep taking hits. However I love the reoccurring thing of the boss leaving after a while and you getting to fight them in the next map. It’s great.

Chapter 3 -
This is a shorter one but I liked this one. I don’t have much to say, the armor knight was a huge relief in this case but I guess my one complaint is that this starts the reoccurring thing where green units aren’t really to be saved and are more of a set piece. More on that later. I like Ivy.

Chapter 4 -
Forgive me if I mix up the order here because I ran out of saves so I saved over my 4 and 5 ones before I can check which ones they were. If this was the one with the 3 cavs I enjoyed this one a great deal and it was also the beginning of where I felt confident with my units. I forget where you get the first cleric (3 I believe) but getting him makes a world of a difference, and I really really enjoy that both clerics can do light magic. Staff man is my favorite unit because of his skill, it’s so good.

Chapter 5 -
Not too hard, but I liked splitting the units to save the village. I couldn’t find out if I rushed faster that I could save more villagers but it didn’t seem likely. I enjoy the crazy cleric man too. Both units are pretty much required in hard mode because of how important healing can be, but they’re both good so that’s fine by me.

Chapter 6 -
Hardest chapter in the game but also where two of my trainees showed off the most. Because of how spear-focused this map is it’s a godsend that you can choose not to send out your sword-lord or your other sword trainee, and instead go full axe and spear. Mercenary lady is crazy good. Not a single green died on my watch but I got no reward for it, that was a major bummer. I’d like a little something for that trouble but at the same time it’s nice that soldiers can die off without worry.

Chapter 7 -
This one was simply fun, messing around with the pirate to remove all the traps and race around to get the thief who was looting. However uh, why is Tove just absolutely CRACKED? Her first growth was an insane +1 and +2 everywhere, and she has crazy good stats. I’m not complaining, I like good units, but damn. She’s good. I never got all the loot but Tove being able to steal from the boss and such felt good.

Chapter 8 -
Just a fun brawl to boost your swordies. This and 7 let both the sword trainees come into their own a lot better so it’s a bit of a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed the dichotomy and as well getting split off into two to get a fairly cool axe user with a brave axe.

Enjoyed the whole shebang really, but I’d rather not ever have to play 2 like that again unless forts get a buff or something. Happy holidays!


I do not mind at all! In fact this was a joy to read and a real motivation boost! This is exactly what I need in order to make things better. Thank you so much!

Now in response to what you said. Even though I have taken a break for several months I do have a newer version that I have not posted yet, with currently nine finished chapters and a tenth almost done. Number ten is a big one. I have been slowly working on replacing some of the portraits, though also the NPC portraits to meet somewhere in the middle. It is less jarring, though more work needs to be done. Also the new version has had a lot of tweaking under the hood. I might post it soon, now that there is some interest here! :slight_smile:

I am really happy that you like the writing. And the concept of starting out with trainees, as that was my own main point of interest design wise. Notably however, I have done very little testing myself with the fixed growths, I will need to do that more.

I am well aware that currently chapter 2 is the weakest. I have been throwing around some ideas for it, including an early cleric, but I have not been happy with the results so far. Perhaps an extra fort or two might help?

I absolutely see your point about no rewards for saving the greens. In chapter 3 it might be very difficult, I did insert them for storytelling purposes, and I am happy with how it turned out. But I will still have a look at it. In particular however, for chapter 6, there could definitely be some sort of reward, though since it is a little bit of a meat grinder mission, it should perhaps not be too great a reward, since you will likely miss out on it. Same with chapter 5.
I am glad that you enjoyed chapter 7. I need to look into Tove however. She is supposed to be good. But her levelups are NOT supposed to be as you describe, there aren’t supposed to be any +2’s in levelups at the moment, so I will have to look into that.

I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the amazing feedback, and happy holidays to you too!


I figured this was an accident but I have to tell you this was a great moment for me, I’ll miss it lol.

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Woah! Yeah that’s not supposed to happen. But then as she says, she is great.

New 9 chapter release!

-Link removed, see original post, or the newest one-

The new chapter is actually in the middle of the game currently, so half the chapters have been pushed back a bit. This will break saves that have progressed past chapter 4. The new chapter is a survival chapter, as a split up party is ambushed by Askian mercenaries…

Gameplay wise, the main reason for this decision was being given an oppurtunity to level up your weaklings a little bit, for the middle part of the game, as well as varying the gameplay a little bit.

Other changes:

  • Several portrait tweak to increase coherency.
  • Several little changes to how the mechanics work, for example crits now do double damage instead of triple, and a 5 speed advantage is needed for doubling now.
  • A couple of new supports.
  • Several other little changes.

Hi! Started playing this and I’m currently in Chapter 1 and have noticed a couple of things that, if fixed, would give a much better first impression imo!

  1. The font in the main menu are a bit hard to read, at least for me.
  2. The fact that there are already saves before you start a game feels odd.
  3. The transitions between chapters (so far) are very sudden. Making it smoother would definitely make it much more polished.
  4. I chose to skip the tutorial, but even then I got hit with a couple that even people who have barely played FE would know about, like Vulneraries. Feels a bit odd to be given the prompt to not see those tutorials, and then still being shown some.
  5. One of the tutorials talks about attacking the soldier that appears, but I chose to ignore the soldier entirely, so it didn’t make much sense. Maybe make this trigger if or after a battle in the tutorial?
  6. I didn’t recruit the brother and he still appeared in cutscenes. Maybe make him required to recruit or automatically recruited at the start of latest chapter?
  7. The Chapter 2 music being so happy immediately after these characters have lost their homes and were being pursued gave me whiplash xD

I’ll update this as I go on, but good work so far and hope to see this keep improving! :>

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Thank you for playing!

In response to your points,

  1. Do you mean the menu options, or the title? I’ll have a look at it!
  2. The saves are entirely a mistake, I must have forgot to delete them before uploading, will fix it shortly.
  3. I am unsure what exactly you are referring to, could you elaborate a little bit?
  4. This is because you haven’t turned hints off, the game reminds you to do this if you skip the tutorial.
  5. Fair point, but once again it should be less relevant if you turn the hints off.
  6. The game does quite strongly tell you to recruit him, and he is a main character, but perhaps it would be good to have some sort of failsafe, to recruit him automatically. I may have assumed that players would always recruit him, since people like getting more characters, and his recruitment is so easy. Will definitely have a look at some sort of failsafe.
  7. That is a fair point. Overall the music conveys the general tone I am going for though, a fairly serious story, but with a lighter tone. Much like many original Fire Emblems. I will have a look though!

Thank you for your feedback so far and I’d love to hear more as you go on!

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Hey, thanks for looking at my feedback! To respond to some of your questions, I did mean menu options, they feel a bit muddy. Also, for #3, after the chapter transition, (where the chapter title appears) it immediately transitions to the next scene, as opposed to a fade in or such, which makes it feel rough. Hope I explained it properly! If you have any more questions, please ask! :>

That makes it more clear! I’ll have a look, thank you!