Mario Portrait[Resolved]

Anyone want to make a Mario Portrait for my next tech demo? It doesn’t need to be spectacular (and you don’t even need moving mouth frames). Just something low-budget done in like 5-15 mins or something.

Also, @dancer_A, do you have a male!Link portrait? If not, do you mind if I use your female!Link and edit it a bit?

I don’t have either haha

I mean Lydia isn’t actually supposed to be female Link, it just sort of happened that way.

Although I’m pretty sure The Blind Archer made a Link(along with like 90% of the spriting community). I have one sitting around on my computer but you’d need their permission.

Any public place I could ask, or does it have to go into PMs (ugh, I only PM on FEU)?

Also, yeah, not necessary for my Tech Demo, but it’d greeeeatly enhance it.

Repurposed from a sprite used in Nintendo Puzzle Collection that I made so freaking long ago. Colors are still not optimized though.

whistles and walks away

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The Blind Archer has a pretty good Link.

yeah that’s the one I was thinking of @Arch

Do I need to ask him for the use of this link?