Marbscord Madhouse Misdadventures [v.0, Bugtesting still going on!]


I haven’t made a project of mine too terribly public before so this is a first for me, forgive me for this.

I’m quite the fan of a FEH Youtuber by the name of Marbels, and out of respect for the community that had gotten me through some hard times, I started work on the Marbscord Project over 9 months ago.

The entire roster is a mismatched collection of memes, inside jokes within our community and the members of the community who best aligned with me and stayed with me throughout the development of this, who’ve changed so much since their original inception that I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I’ve taken some nights literally sleepless just to keep working on it!

Current features are the single route following Marbels, the Eirika Lord, and his magical adventures through the world of screwed-up Magvell, apparently with a plot device? Or something??
I’m awful at storytelling if that wasn’t apparent! The story very quickly ramps into ‘Zora takes things seriously mode’ after Chapter 2 or so, something that I’m working on as story is one of the last things

However… These things don’t come without their bugs, nosirre.

Lots of aesthetics such as cutscene maps are buggy, battle backgrounds are messed up but are work in progress, several cutscenes literally don’t even work, and many other glitches that I’m still tinkering out and trying to make work. Despite my 9 months of time having had this project, I think I’ve created more problems than I’ve solved… Supports are a major work in progress, and even some text from older versions due to character changes (due to many disagreements or people asking to be out) are still a bit off. And my citations for all my work is still in progress - there’s a few songs that I need to find who the creator is (as I misplaced a paper that had all of them), and I believe the spells need credited as well.

And thats why I’m turning to you, wise viewers of FEU! And because I have trouble getting varied opinions on things! I need people to help at least somewhat with this project, help testing to tell me that my awful ideas were truly awful or if I actually had the right idea! If you find ANYTHING within this project that I forgot to cite, that is a bug or a game crash - I need to know it. Please, don’t hold back on the criticism.

Many of the credits are viewable during the startup of a new game, with a massive list after the countries get introduced (again.) This list is still being updated, with more recent changes not being implemented yet due to me still However, a few more should be stated. Thanks to Zaim for bantering with me about map heights, my close friends Lyna and Shorjewken for sticking with me even when I’m an insufferable cunt, and a massive thank-you to Wan for making this entire project even possible in the first place. Without their guide, I’d have never even managed to get past the planning phase of this project and it’d be left behind in the dust.

Here are a few screenshots of it, no matter how terribly my artistic talent may be!

image image%204
image%202 image%203

And sources for info about the game: