MAPPY: Make A Phun Phone Yourselves


In pairs of two, create a 3 chapter hack. Partner 1 makes the initial chapter then hands it over to partner 2 to play it and make a follow up chapter; afterwards both members design the final chapter together. No judges! Just me, recording your chapters and uploading to YouTube, scoring will be left to community votes (requires FEU account).



Use whatever engine at your disposal to create a SRPG


Pairs of two for chapter creation (maps, eventing, gameplay); having each member be solely responsible for their individual chapter

Art assets can be contributed by others (or taken from f2u sources)

Feel free to post here if you’re looking for a teammate


Submission Length: Entries are restricted to three playable chapters

Chapter Length: Be reasonable! A well designed project that takes a total of 8 turns is better than 3 endgame-esque chapters haphazardly glued together.

Encouraging or requiring save stating is frowned upon

Only one map may be used for gameplay for each chapter


Please respect the telephone process!

  • Partner 1 makes Chapter 1
  • Partner 2 plays Chapter 1
  • Partner 2 makes Chapter 2
  • Partner 1 plays Chapter 2
  • Both partners make Chapter 3

You can brainstorm general ideas together before starting; but in the spirit of the Telephone™ Partner 2 shouldn’t make changes or provide input for Chapter 1 the same for Partner 1 for Chapter 2. Once the initial chapters are done your bed has been made! Lie in it together (not creepy) and make Chapter 3 together.


No themes or guidelines here other than the FEU content rules applying. Submissions may not be rated 17+.


The deadline to submit your project is midnight (EST), July 22nd. That gives you 6 weeks and change.


Entrants will be disqualified if they:

Submit an entry that does not boot

Submit an entry that cannot be finished

Submit an entry that’s an absolute slog to play

Submit more than three playable chapters in an entry

Submit an entry with more or less than two chapter creators

Submit an entry directly recycled from another game

Disqualified entries will not get their recording uploaded


Scores are determined by public vote using a 7 point Likert Scale for three categories:

The Scale:

1- Strongly Disagree
2- Disagree
3- Somewhat Disagree
4- Neither Agree Nor Disagree
5- Somewhat Agree
6- Agree
7- Strongly Agree


The gameplay of this project is engaging, fair, and designed in a way where no aspect feels superfluous.


The narrative of this submission flows well both between and within chapters ending on a satisfying conclusion.


The presentation of this submission is aesthetically pleasing, has consistency, and compliments the rest of the submission.

Results will be averaged and rounded (>= .5 rounds up)


Any votes that are suspected to be illegitimate can be thrown out.


Please DM me a link here on the forum with the content. I won’t be playing them until the deadline hits so if you send me multiple downloads I’m only clicking the last one.


Recording will start after the deadline and they’ll be shared after they’re all done, along with the voting polls.


TBD, but there will probably be one. It’ll be announced after the deadline.

If teaming up with others isn’t your jam, or if you’re a particularly sadistic individual who wishes to inflict misery upon the host, please check out MAPPY’s sister contest : Super Hit Post Contest … Word on the street says there may be an additional prize if you partake in both; but you didn’t hear it from me…


This looks plenty fun, but I’ve got two questions:

Firstly, how exactly will two users work together on the third chapter? Are they given different tasks to work on the project like a checklist, or chatting about a certain aspect of the game until they can decide how said aspect should operate?

Secondly, how can a vote be suspected as illegitimate?

However they want. That’s up to them. They can divvy up the work however they see fit so long as they both contribute.

Well, if you have to ask…

I’m sorry, but this is a bit cryptic, how about an example of what I mean:
If I were to vote for a hack that has a meme or something, and I give it a Strongly Agree, just for the memes, would that count as illegitimate?

From what I read, it’s more so intentionally and clearly misrepresenting scores - like if you give 1s across the board to all when most others are giving solid scores, or if you only give good votes to your own project, that’d count as illegitimate ones.

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will be performing mitosis 2 participate


I actually read it as someone making a bunch of accounts to vote or using bots or something lol

It’s true, I was the other cell

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A week-ish after the announcement was made! I’ll probably do one a week.

I’d like to take a moment to put the focus on Chapter Length.

At first, I thought ‘Be reasonable’ would be enough but I’d like to delve a little deeper into it:

This is a 3 chapter contest where the aim is to create fun chapters, I shouldn’t have to spend an absurd amount of time playing each chapter and they shouldn’t feel like slogs. That being said, I’m going to reserve the right to DQ any submission if they fall into slog territory.